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    Happy Birthday Mew Azama!

    Happy Birthday, Mew! :)
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    The Extra Act

    Voted for the third choice. :P
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    Happy December!

    Look closer at the background, it is kind of Christmas-y. The green and sparkles kind of resemble a Christmas tree. :)
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    Happy December!

    Thanks, alycia! I was wondering if they were still putting calendars up. :)
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    Special Act Opinions

    Ok. I understand, thanks. :) :lol: I agree. :) :lol: Awesome story, Luna Hope :)
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    Special Act Opinions

    First, does anyone knoe why Usagi got mad at Mamo, at the restaurant? Second, did anyone notice Rei bumping into Mina right before the bouqet is thrown? :P
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    Which singer do you prefer?

    I'm the kind of person who just listens to music that I like or sounds good to me. I've had a lot of clashes with my friends about stuff like this, but if I like it, that's all that matters to me. Sometimes it's about singing quality, other times it's justs about genres (because I listen to...
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    How many of you have bought the Speical Act?

    I preordered mine as well. :)
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    Understanding the Special Act ***now with a quiz

    What you said above, you're referring to writing the Japanese words, in order to memorize them? Just wanted to be sure. :)
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    Which singer do you prefer?

    Yes, vote for Chisaki, or she'll eat your brains! :P J/K :lol: This is how I list them: Keiko Ayaka (she's not the best, but I like a lot of her song anyway) Mew Chisaki Miyuu
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    Understanding the Special Act ***now with a quiz

    I got a 70. :) I looked over the list of vocabulary and took the test 5 minutes later. :)
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    Understanding the Special Act ***now with a quiz

    Don't feel sorry for my dog. I treat my dog very good. Its like another member of my family. Someitmes, though, it gets on my nerves and does stupid things. :) I wasn't being serious, I was trying to be humorous,
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    Understanding the Special Act ***now with a quiz

    Baka inu! That's what I call my dog. :)
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    Does anyone know where I can dl free photoshop7 brushes?

    This might help: :)
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    Happy Birthday Chisaki!! Err, I mean Rika..

    The average international age of consent is 16, actually. :) I agree, of course. :)
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    Post cool fanart other than your own

    :lol: :P Indeed. :D :D :D :D