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  1. Verona

    Crystal Basher™

    Crystal Basher™
  2. Verona

    REAl Crystal bashers go way too far

    After following this particular thread and everyone's responses, I am officially now a Crystal Basher™ :rofl: ^ still a better rotation than Crystal
  3. Verona

    Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach

    No. I've only seen some of the anime though. Wedding Peach always made me really uncomfortable and likely why I never invested in it. It's theme was something I always felt was singular and... sort of, I hate using this word really, oppressive. While Usagi in Sailor Moon dreamed of being a...
  4. Verona

    Sailormoon References/Cameos/etc.

    Desired (Desired - Topic, Desired's Bandcamp) has a number of references and inspirations from Sailor Moon.
  5. Verona

    REAl Crystal bashers go way too far

    I didn't enjoy Crystal. And I knock it when it comes up. I don't like it due to quality, pacing in the episode and distribution of the episode. I'm a pretty die hard fan of Sailor Moon too. I kept giving Crystal chances but after so many chances, and the wand twirl- I just couldn't. I even...
  6. Verona

    How Should the Manga Be Adapted Next?

    A video game. I think Switch would be a good platform. Anything from an RPG style or a competitive fighting game like the former games. The possibilities would be pretty amazing. I'd personally enjoy animated cut scenes. Plus, I miss Sailor Moon Drops.