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    Act 43 Opinions

    Beryl is like a mother telling or making her son go to his room.
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    Act 42 Opinions

    Did Jadeite get his teeth fixed? They don't seem so bad anymore.
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    Act 42 Opinions

    Awww... I think Nephy was trying not to be pitiful in front of Ami. I really loved this episode. Yeah I really didn't get the bathtub thing. Luna getting caught was funny! And then she did that pose! And Shingo had that :wtf: look! Gotta love Ikuko mama!!! I hella cracked up watching that arm...
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    Act 34 Opinions

    Motoki was so cute sneaking a meal in for Makoto while she was on the phone. ^_^
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    Act 33 Opinions

    He's from a korean boy band named Dong Bang Shin Gi. These boys have so many names. XD He goes by Hero or Young Woong; his real name is Jae Joong though.
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    Act 33 Opinions

    For some reason seeing Rei get slapped by her father made me cry even though I don't really understand. Does it have anything to do with how her father wasn't there when her mother died? Yeah! And the MamoruxUsagi moments were so cute! He's wearing the scarf when it's almost summer, now that's...
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    Act 32 Opinions

    The flash back scene was cute. I noticed he smiled a little when she was like "Who are you calling an idiot?!"
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    Usagi & Mamoru PGSM Fic. (With Chibi Usa! :o)

    LMAO! The naughty poke! XD Tell me when the next update is. ^_^
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    ^_^ The great awsome holy cool Shibby topic!^_^

    I do miss shibby... I hope they summon him while he's in a bath tub next time! XD
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    Act 30 Opinions

    All I gotta say is... Mio is pure evil. :grey: Shibby didn't do much, he just sat there while it rained and then lightning flashed a few times. Not very clear. I like Minako so much! She's so pretty and cute! Yes with the hand movements, lol! What exactly did Mio do with her eyes to hurt Naru?
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    Act 30 Opinions

    Mio reminds me of the Penguin from batman.
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    As For One Day (Morning Musume) - An MV for Hina

    I can't stop watching this MV... O.O It's so good! XD At first I thought the song was weird, but I kept listening and listening and now I love it. lol
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    As For One Day (Morning Musume) - An MV for Hina

    Oh! It works now, thank you! ^_^
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    As For One Day (Morning Musume) - An MV for Hina

    I signed up, but how do I download it? It keeps saying generic_error.jsp
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    Thanks Giving Spring Special 2004

    Thankies!... but is there anyway to get it on Bittorent? I don't have IRC ^_^;;
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    Thanks Giving Spring Special 2004

    I had to go to SAT II prepping and then to a friend's house to work on my speech all day! o.O I can't believe I missed it! >_<
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    Act 26 Opinions

    They showed him sitting in the plane while it was in the air... this leaves no hope of him getting off before it goes. >.> I hope he jumps off with a parachute! XD
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    Fanart of Shibue Jyoji

    Wow... that's exactly what my substitute teacher told me today... O.O He looks like Bruce Lee. lol thankies ^_^
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    Fanart of Shibue Jyoji
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    Shingetsu: A new PGSM Website

    Pissed?! I was actually happy! lol Hotness...