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  1. Death Metal Papillon

    Looks like I'll never be able to get used to this design

    Looks like I'll never be able to get used to this design
  2. Death Metal Papillon

    W...Where am I?

    W...Where am I?
  3. Death Metal Papillon

    Which Sailor Moon songs you couldn't care less?

    I almost agree with your whole post. Sailor Moon is great about music. There are only very few that I'm neutral to. But, I don't like Rashiku Ikimasho. I feel like it makes SuperS worse which is already not too great. Maximizes the unserious feeling for me.
  4. Death Metal Papillon

    Your reactions to the first time you saw episode 200.

    I wasn't fully aware that it was the final episode because the order of episode broadcasting was weird back then, I was like..9? I thought Mimete was a big villain, not a lackey, it was my first disappointment when I fully explored Sailor Moon :confused: :lol: I remember that I knew it was her...
  5. Death Metal Papillon

    Sailor "Moe"on?

    I don't agree with you guys there, but yeah S3 makes them look younger indeed. I'm not talking about specific young characters like Chibiusa, but everyone. What I mean is something extreme; Those plus I agree with you there, Sailor Moon would not be the same without those looks imo. That's...
  6. Death Metal Papillon

    Sailor "Moe"on?

    Would you guys like to have a moe adaptation of Sailor Moon? Do you think it should have been done instead of Crystal? Since magical girl genre is usually close with moe, I want to know your opinions about it.
  7. Death Metal Papillon

    I love this!

    Wow, just wow. :eeklez:
  8. Death Metal Papillon

    Why dd Mistress Nine kill Kaolinite in the first anime?

    Fixed. :mischief: Now I recall that I was sad for Kaori's death in my childhood, she should've been happy ever after with healed professor. :cry: XD
  9. Death Metal Papillon

    Japanese girls looking like rei hino

    I have a high school acquaintance whose hair used to remind me of Rei's back then. But me posting her photo won't be ethic sorry. Senshi x Shittennou is official! :whee:
  10. Death Metal Papillon

    Rank the Senshi in terms of beauty

    I think all of them are beautiful. If we had counted many popular characters from different franchises I'd rank most of the senshi pretty high. :setsuna: My dream wife :loltext: she's too good. :haruka: She has an unique beauty. Independent of sexes. :rei: Definition of woman charisma...
  11. Death Metal Papillon

    Transformation Question

    I'd reply but it would be appropriate only in hentai section. :o
  12. Death Metal Papillon

    Has Crystal disappointed any of you?

    Only thing that disappoints me about Crystal is super long breaks. Whereas the tight schedule of 90's anime did not let the manga to be adapted properly back then. :neutral:
  13. Death Metal Papillon

    In Defense of Chbiusa

    She gradually becomes likeable at manga/crystal but 90's anime :umno: . Ooh Black Lady is just an excellent being who should be treated entirely distinct of that girl. :love:
  14. Death Metal Papillon

    Starlights pride

    I absolutely hated them taking Outers' spotlights. I always say 90's anime dropped the ball about inners' character development on SuperS and Stars. They shouldn't have accepted them as hmm sempai(?) so easily. Maybe one or two of them but all the group come on! I'm not keen on them as a...
  15. Death Metal Papillon

    If aired in the 90s, would the Viz dub have been as popular?

    Seconded. If we suppose it won't be censored/cancelled anywhere though. I grew up with an uncensored dub and it is still a favorite among many. I'm surprised that many people here are fans only to DiC version even today, no offense.
  16. Death Metal Papillon

    Share your favorite crack pairings!

    One side is from another franchise but they both even have a song! Behold, Ami X Sonic!
  17. Death Metal Papillon

    Queen Nehelenia a Chaos form?

    This was used to be a curious subject of mine. Now I think of it, Nehelenia first were an entity in the darkness, after in a mirror. She may very well be an inhuman being with a human shape. Also she is supposedly the strongest clone of Chaos so maybe the highest level is a human body? The thing...
  18. Death Metal Papillon

    Michiru, who are you?

    Outer senshi as a whole are mysterious people in general even if you complete the whole story, just saying.
  19. Death Metal Papillon

    Favorite Sailor Moon ending theme?

    Takusiido Miraajuu! "Baby Love" and "Yume no naka" are tied in a close second. I somehow found and liked this deeper version for years:
  20. Death Metal Papillon

    What's your favorite Three Lights song?

    Not familiar with Sera Myu ones, I like both of the anime ones but if we count any member of Three Lights, this song is my absolute favorite: r.i.p. Shiho Niiyama.