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  1. Slowpokeking

    If there is only one teammate senshi, which one would you choose for Usagi?

    Minako and Usagi are a bit too similar, isn't Michiru even earlier?
  2. Slowpokeking

    If there is only one teammate senshi, which one would you choose for Usagi?

    Michiru is also wise and more refined/experienced, but I wonder if she would get too headstrong and lack of chemistry with Usagi. Still would be a interest pair to see.
  3. Slowpokeking

    If there is only one teammate senshi, which one would you choose for Usagi?

    :ami: probably would be the best choice but :rei:would certainly be more funny. I would pick :mihiru: though because she and :usagi: are so different, it would be cool to see them team up.
  4. Slowpokeking

    Why Sailor Moon R Beats The Crystal Version

    The manga BMC has a cool overall setting, but they lack of personality and background other than Demande. Another Story gave the Opposito Senshi more backstory to show their individual ideas.
  5. Slowpokeking

    Why Sailor Moon R Beats The Crystal Version

    Because the BMC was very well developed in the anime, probably the most characterized villain group rather than just focus on Demande and Black Lady. The Inners also got a lot of good plot instead of get captured. The final fight was a bit weak but so was the manga, the climax was Demande's...
  6. Slowpokeking

    Expand Nehellnia's anime character

    I mean among all the big bads, she is the one with the most personality and the most interesting one. She seems to be a villain with sympathetic past when she showed up, but then the reveal of her past was very shocking because she was just..insane. Simply because of a mirror dream of growing...
  7. Slowpokeking

    Building your perfect SM anime

    Classic: Not much to change R: Switch battle to the future after Reubus arc. Give Demande more screen time to explain his obsession. Let the sisters come back, along with the redeemed Demande brothers' spirit to help in the final fight S: Let the Inners and Outers work together in the end to...
  8. Slowpokeking

    Crystal could have redeem the four sisters

    Yeah, other than Usagi and Chibiusa, the most well developed character in the BMC manga was Demande.
  9. Slowpokeking

    Sailor Moon Sailor Stars 5x05/5x06: Best Senshi teamup?

    Michiru, I'm so glad to see her not interact with Haruka but someone else alone!
  10. Slowpokeking

    If you were granted an interview with Naoko..

    I don't have much to ask, just want to thank her.
  11. Slowpokeking

    Did anyone else think the Ayakashi Sisters in R were inspired by Little Women?

    Amy=Koan Yes. Berthier does fit Beth in some way but her dark playful personality was quite unique. Calaveras doesn't resemble Meg much. Petz doesn't fit Jo as well. I do think Berthier and Koan probably inspired Elsa and Anna.
  12. Slowpokeking

    If there is a Little Mermaid Sailor Moon adapation, does Michiru fit the Mermaid or the human princess more?

    I mean her power is water and as a good swimmer, she fits the mermaid dress perfectly. But her looks and behavior fits better on the human princess, who is supposed to be more mature and very beautiful.
  13. Slowpokeking

    What is Your Favorite Form of Usagi?

    Usagi, her strength came from her personality, not her form.
  14. Slowpokeking

    Where does Sailor Moon go after Stars?

    Make Another Story canon with some minor changes to add SuperS and Stars elements.
  15. Slowpokeking

    Funniest Episode?

    I think it's the Snow White one and the Reika one, both brought me so much laugh. Nice to see Ami show her unusual side.
  16. Slowpokeking

    Manga/Crystal Queen Beryl

    I think she looks a bit "too pretty" in her demon queen form in Crystal.