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  1. chunpok

    Sailor Moon Tokens and Monopoly Board

    Thanks :D Yeah, thats nice. Maybe focus on the Black Moon, just like Berthier's. :cool: Maybe commission, I guess. I am mentally ready for ordersss. Just waiting for the packaging so I can have the shipping fee estimated.:wow:
  2. chunpok

    Sailor Moon Tokens and Monopoly Board

    Updates! Thanks. Your works look very nice. Love your Neptune so much
  3. chunpok

    Sailor Moon Tokens and Monopoly Board

    Hello everyone :3 I have made 12 tokens for my own Sailor Moon monopoly and I want to share with you ::love:: Their designs are actually from the illustrations used in the schedule books released in Japan. Love that style so so much. And here they are! P.S. Very sorry ;( My camera didn't do...
  4. chunpok

    Season 4 movies update: Sailor Moon Eternal - Delayed to 2021 (Part 1 on January 8th & Part 2 on February 11th)

    Wow. I have mixed feelings as first saw the Crystal S1's design, that really don't know it is a TOOT or BOOT. Indeed, the design this time looks better than S3, at least no hair bubbles and the skirts look nicer. But same as S3 that being too MOE makes Sailor Moon Crystal less Sailor Moon. The...
  5. chunpok

    Queen Serenity Stars arc

    Interesting. Just read the Taiwanese version, the official one published by Da Ran probably in 1997. The term "ぬけがら" is translated as "剛出生的"(meaning new born). Yeah, so "a fledgling star" is the answer. In terms of meaning, this translation is quite similar to MementoNepenthe's, except the...
  6. chunpok

    Do you guys remember Dreaming Moon(SM Cards Website)?

    Dreaming Moon had a lot of rare sailor moon cards with detailed information about the collection. But I recalled that someone shared the scans without permission that upset the owner. The website has now been down for years. Do you moonies know where to find nice scan of SM cards? besides...