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  1. Nadia

    Why no Eternal fukus in "Sailor Stars"?

    It wouldn't save the budget if you have to implement new designs and model sheets for the new forms. Even if the bodies are copy and paste, someone still has to draw them and drawing a new model isn't a trivial cost.
  2. Nadia

    How will Chibisa become Queen?

    Sailor Moon, Neo-Queen Serenity, Chibi-Usa, and Crystal Tokyo do not exist. They are fictional characters and a fictitious setting in a work sprung from an imagination. We are discussing a potential future extrapolating from the events contained in the creative work because the future it shows...
  3. Nadia

    Should Neherenia be redeemed as a Sailor Senshi in the 90s Anime

    I know I'm in the minority, but one thing I did like about the old anime is that it didn't go overboard on the extra Sailor Guardians as allies that the manga did in the end. Given that there were several extraterrestrial threats to the Earth and none of them had an associated Sailor Guardian...
  4. Nadia

    Are Sailor Senshi different beings than their civilian forms?

    See, weirdly, I initially thought the inverse was happening, in that when the girls turned into Sailors, that they were physically turning into their past-life versions, even if they maintained the same mentality of their current selves. Meaning that when they powered up, they were physically...
  5. Nadia

    List of crucial episodes?

    A bot bumped this post, then I had something to add, then the bot's post was deleted before I could post. Anyway, decades ago when I had a Sailor Moon fansite, I actually composed a list of episodes I deemed essential for the DiC dub. It differed from the lists others compiled at the time...
  6. Nadia

    Opinions and interpretations of Naru and Nephrite

    My opinion is that Nephrite did care for Naru and cared for her in a protective way, but I don't see him loving her romantically. As the OP mentioned, he likely had not felt anything close to love for centuries, if not millennia, so to feel a special sense of protection would be new and...
  7. Nadia

    How will Chibisa become Queen?

    There are a few possible solutions: The first and most likely one is that her 1,000 year clock won't begin until she hits adulthood, as it is stressed that Chibi-Usa's stunted growth is unnatural. It's easy to infer that generally, Immortality Begins at Twenty applies, and the linked page...
  8. Nadia

    Favored Version and Why?

    Even though I eventually grew to watch it, I can understand the barrier to PGSM. It took me about six episodes of so of watching PGSM before I could appreciate it (I watched the first three episodes and didn't like them, then gave up on the series for years). Part of it because a lot of what...
  9. Nadia

    Favored Version and Why?

    My favorite always has been and always has been the DiC dub of the 90's anime. While some of it is due to it being the first version I saw, much of it is due to the characterization within it, and the plot holes and flaws that the dub created actually made the universe a lot more richer than it...
  10. Nadia

    What Should Mamoru and Ami Specialize In?

    No, he's King Regent while Neo-Queen Serenity is Queen Regent. He doesn't lose his royal claim on Earth just because he became Neo-Queen Serenity's husband. It's fairly obvious the Earth and Moon kingdoms merged. That's, like, part of the point of Sailor Moon as a whole. It's William and...
  11. Nadia

    Are you content with Sailormoon not having an insane amount of forms?

    I thought she had too many forms as is. I like her standard form, and I love her regal identities, but I thought everything started going downhill with that Super Sailor Moon form.
  12. Nadia

    Sailor Moon - Earth 2 (and other artwork)

    Let me first start out by saying not only are the ideas themselves imaginative, but the changes you propose do make a very strong amount of narrative sense. It's clear that not only a lot of thought was put into the idea, but that from a writing perspective, you have formulated a strong, clear...
  13. Nadia

    Disney's attempt to adapt Sailor Moon

    While I don't believe a live-action version of Sailor Moon would have ever worked, in a twisted way, I wish it had been made. Even if it were as forgotten as the Fox Generation X TV pilot, it would be a unique, American piece of Sailor Moon media that unlike Toonmakers Sailor Moon, survived to...
  14. Nadia

    What DON'T you like about the English dub, exactly?

    These are the people "We Want Usagi" makes fun of, although that that the site is indistinguishable from actual satire is telling of the fandom. It has only gotten worse over the years. Actually, the only things I dislike about the old English dub that are exclusive to it are the lack of...
  15. Nadia

    Alternate Eternal Fuku

    Same here. I really liked the top part because it really taps into the idea that Sailor Moon is going beyond a warrior and is starting to show signs of the queen she is going to become.
  16. Nadia

    Difference of character popularity upon male/female fans?

    I don't like her because she's superfluous. In the anime, she started out as relatively serious, boring experienced character, then took Usagi's role as the Ditz. Aside from being a more athletic and less crybaby version of Usagi, what is her purpose for being there other than being a second...
  17. Nadia

    What were Saphir's true feelings for Demand?

    Yeah, but I referenced Lapidot for a reason. It wasn't a "crack pairing" by any stretch; the two characters (Lapis Lazuli + Peridot) did have a very close and special on-screen relationship that a lot of Steven Universe fans interpreted as romantic but ultimately was not, despite signs being...
  18. Nadia

    Is This Official or Fanart?

    Is it sad I could tell it was not Naoko Takeuchi's art simply because Mamoru and Usagi never looked so natural, causal, and relaxed in their shared poses in any of the official art?
  19. Nadia

    Biggest Sailor Moon monster (anime)

    What about Esmeraude's dragon form?
  20. Nadia

    Difference in stolen kisses

    Because acknowledging that what the latter did would mean acknowledging that the latter two characters had elements of being predatory lesbians instead of being pure unproblematic characters who are perfect representation. Instead, people fall back on the old ""judging same gender displays of...