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    TOEI Removing Fansubbed Myu from YouTube

    Maybe uploading copyrighted content that isn't ours? I don't have a problem with the videos being taken down.
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    Seiya, Taiki, Yaten/Starlights - male or female?

    excuse me Edit~ Allow me to elaborate my thoughts. You crossed a line from being wilfully ignorant to just being offensive. I have nothing more to say in this thread.
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    Who do you think is cooler Moonlight Knight or Tuxedo Mask?

    Uh, Tuxedo Mask by a long shot. I think the Moonlight Knight is a joke.
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    Seiya, Taiki, Yaten/Starlights - male or female?

    I think people who argue to the death that they are men are missing the point of the Starlights completely, perhaps out of their own heterosexual and phallocentric interests. They also don't have a clear grasp on what exactly is a woman. The manga Three Lights being masculine characters does...
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    Seiya, Taiki, Yaten/Starlights - male or female?

    They are female. Let's examine. Starlights: Anime: sex = female, gender = female Manga: sex = female, gender = female Three Lights: Anime: sex = male, gender = male Manga: sex = female, gender = male They're women. Even when they are in the bodies of men, they are women. They have the mind...
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    [Miss Dream] Updates!

    ~Sir Seiya~ wants to be a DreamGal... because pink is totally my colour.
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    SAILORMOONRED's YouTube Channel

    Well, why should anybody want to watch it?
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    Hated pairings

    I hate YatenxMinako. That pairing makes no sense.
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    SAILORMOONRED's YouTube Channel *head explodes*
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    Post your Sailor Moon cosplay photos here!

    Thanks, you two! The wig was my least favourite part lolz. Here's another shot with some of the senshi at the photoshoot. And here's Neptune cheating on Uranus! :O
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    Post your Sailor Moon cosplay photos here!

    I went to my first con this weekend... And my first cosplay debuut~ [link] I am the Uranus. C:
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    Favorite Romantic Moments

    Most romantic moment between cousins.
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    Most gruesome death?

    Yeah I was going to say Kakyuu too. Impaled, right? :(
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    SAILORMOONRED's YouTube Channel

    Does anybody actually enjoy his videos? I am honestly wondering.
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    The Sailor Moon Musical Thread || Now with links!

    I love the musicals. They might just be my favourite incarnation of Sailor Moon. There's so many good actors and singers. I'm gonna have to say Eien Densetsu Senshuuraku is my favourite. First stage Starlights are amazing and perfect in every way, Anza and Yuuta are my favourite Moon + Tux...
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    [Miss Dream] Updates!

    Ughhhhghghhg that means woooork. I'll get to them later today. ETA: or tomorrow. or the day after. WE WILL SEE.
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    [Miss Dream] Updates!

    Oh, do you guys have Seiya Sensei by Mei? I have that one and have been meaning to scan it and humbly request a translation, but if you already have it then I don't have to scan it.
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    This site show all the casual outfits worn by the main cast!

    That is all kinds of amazing. I love it.