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  1. MugenStudent

    Favorite Dark Agency Underling

    DeVleene and her scheme to make everyone fat.
  2. MugenStudent

    Which villain should get the "Cruella" treatment?

    I would like to see Queen Nehellenia. She does get a pretty fleshed out backstory (in comparison to other villains in the 90's anime) but the whole thing could be expanded on and made creepier. What she does to her citizens is freaky. Watching Wiseman slowly drive her crazy... All horror ish...
  3. MugenStudent

    Does anyone liked Sailor Moon Eternal used the Japanese Honorifics"chan's or kun's in the movies?

    I'm cool with it. I didn't know honorifics was so controversial among the fandom. Since I don't really watch other anime and the story does take place in Tokyo, the use of them makes sense in my mind. And it gives you an insight on their relationships. Like Diana using -sama with Usagi and...
  4. MugenStudent

    [Worldwide translations/dubs] Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix thread (Parts 1 & 2 on June 3rd)

    We're lucky to have the entire 90's anime on Hulu. But I recently cancelled my subscription. I think I'm just going to start collecting the Blu rays. I watch it so much whenever it's easily available.
  5. MugenStudent

    [Worldwide translations/dubs] Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix thread (Parts 1 & 2 on June 3rd)

    Currently re-watching Crystal since Netflix uploaded it. I mainly have it on in the background to give the show some streams. The first two episodes are really fantastic and I remember had me excited for the rest of the season when it first aired. Things sort of fall off the rails as the arc...
  6. MugenStudent

    Why does Usagi appear nude in the last episode and in the last chapter in the final battle with chaos?

    I feel like nudity in Sailor Moon is never done in a crass manner. It's in all their transformations and the way their bodies are drawn always goes along with the visual style of the show. If anything, the nudity really meant to drive the point that this was the most epic battle she has ever had...
  7. MugenStudent

    Favorite season of original anime

    Classic. It introduced us to Usagi and the inner Senshi. Beryl is probably the villain to illicit the most tension from the all the seasonal conflicts. And the Shitennou are the most iconic "sub-group". Classic really is the archetype for the other seasons and the other shows it influenced. The...
  8. MugenStudent

    Next year during 2022, during the 30th anniversary what merchandise or SM news do any of you hope will happen?

    I would love it if they partnered with a jeweler and made stuff with 18K+ gold and diamond/colored stones. The costume jewelry that SM endlessly produces just doesn't do it for me.
  9. MugenStudent

    If Uranus and Neptune weren’t a couple would anyone REALLY like them?

    But Michiru has a Kelly bag in the manga. Taste.
  10. MugenStudent

    If Uranus and Neptune weren’t a couple would anyone REALLY like them?

    Haruka would definitely still be a fan favorite. She's hot af. Her character had a lot of charisma, especially in the 90's anime. Michiru is one of the most stunning characters visually. She is more reserved than Saturn but that gives her mystery. And she's rich. All the sailor guardians seem...
  11. MugenStudent

    [Worldwide translations/dubs] Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix thread (Parts 1 & 2 on June 3rd)

    I'm loving that the Sailor Moon the brand is on Netflix. I have been watching the English dub. The dialogue is still awkward. I do think the double movie benefited the story overall and kept the storyline moving along. The Amazon Quartet looked great and felt more present but Nehelenia didn't...
  12. MugenStudent

    Do you think villains got redeemed too much sometimes?

    While it does happen a lot, the story always emphasized Usagi's pure heart. I don't see it out of the norm that she inspires that change from those who wish to destroy her. It's good cheese. A lot of the villains, particularly the underlings, are brainwashed or forced to do these evil deeds to...
  13. MugenStudent

    [Worldwide translations/dubs] Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix thread (Parts 1 & 2 on June 3rd)

    Best news! With SM, you never how long it will take for something to be localized. I'll have to resubscribe to Netflix for this.
  14. MugenStudent

    I want a reboot with Minako being the main character!

    A Codename Sailor V animated series would be amazing or something along those lines but not too faithful. The storyline meanders a little more per chapter and Codename is very similar to Sailor Moon with Minako/Usagi as lazy gamers with a cat that has to whip them into shape. It would need some...
  15. MugenStudent

    Is the Dream arc overrated?

    I read the manga for the first time this past year with the deluxe editions all coming out in English. I loved the art. It's stunning. I particularly liked the drawings Naoko used for the chapter titles in color. The girls look fantastic. It was my first manga ever and the only one. Dream was...
  16. MugenStudent

    Is All Well in Crystal Tokyo?

    True, although a majority of the people of Crystal Tokyo I'm sure are okay with it. I always imagined the power of silver crystal simply just engulfed all those near it, not giving much of a choice to those around it. And a longer life is about the most desired wish among humans (apart from money).
  17. MugenStudent

    Is All Well in Crystal Tokyo?

    People need to be told how to live. And who better than Usagi? But also, if someone came along and offered everyone a much longer life span, the world would unite under them.
  18. MugenStudent

    What's next for the Sailor Moon franchise?

    I doubt it'll happen but I would love a new original manga story arc. The manga artwork is just so beautiful.
  19. MugenStudent

    Do you like Usagi? How do you rank her among your favorite characters?

    She is either my favorite or second favorite. The show is built around Usagi so it's hard not to find her endearing. She's also the comedic element of the show. An imperfect hero. And her love of food is too relatable.
  20. MugenStudent

    Do people still watch the Dic Dub unironically?

    The Dic dub introduced Sailor Moon to me and even then I liked it so I can't really hold it's changes too much against it. I do prefer the more accurate dub but for 8-year-old me Dic was very enjoyable. It wasn't until way after that I discovered the "truth" about Zoisite. Terri Hawkes will...