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  1. lunarluminescenceart

    Sailor haze’s job

    hi! This is a reanimation of a scene from episode 24/25 (sailor moon crystal) this is haze as a child, when she was first assigned to the cauldron as the guard. so i hope you like! (Oh yeah I have yt because i convinced my mom to let me xD)
  2. lunarluminescenceart

    Sailor Planet X’s story: Part 1

    Hi. I’m Luna Rose-Meiou. I am sailor Planet X. The guardian of the supposedly hypothetical Planet X. No one knows about me, and I’m forbidden to be known about. As it sounds like in my surname, i am the daughter of Sailor Pluto and the prince of my guardian planet. I was born at the door of...
  3. lunarluminescenceart

    New art soon!

    I’m posting a new art soon!
  4. lunarluminescenceart

    Don’t cry baby girl!

    Awww baby haze don’t cry!! I know it’s hard.. (this is when she was a child, around eight years old, when she was first assigned there. THIS IS A SCREENCAP EDIT FROM THE ANIME.
  5. lunarluminescenceart

    Sailor Haze Introduction + Frame Redraw

    Why hello there. I’m sailor haze. I’m 16 years old, and I had the hardest day today.. I woke up this morning, to an explanation that took hours. Queen serenity was explaining to me that I was to guard the galaxy cauldron for all eternity.. I spent all day crying.. it was awful and I’m hungry and...
  6. lunarluminescenceart

    Sailor Haze’s Transformation

    Just fixed it :usagi:
  7. lunarluminescenceart

    Sailor Haze’s Transformation

    Hi! I’m so excited to show this, I haven’t posted this yet and I’m happy to! This is an animation of my oc, sailor haze. (I have an earlier post about her.)
  8. lunarluminescenceart

    Sailor Moon Poster Redraw!

    Hi! I’m here with an art project that took me a while.. but this is a redraw of the stars poster but in the style of the new cosmos movie!
  9. lunarluminescenceart

    Meet Sailor Haze!

    Just an energy ball.
  10. lunarluminescenceart

    Meet Sailor Haze!

    The keys are similar to Pluto, they open up the gates to the Cauldron. The thing on her right hand is her weapon, the galactic staff.
  11. lunarluminescenceart

    Meet Sailor Haze!

    meet my oc, sailor haze! she is actually the guardian who guards the galaxy cauldron from threats. Basically she was banished by queen serenity to eternal solitude just like Pluto. But there were much harsher restrictions placed on her. So yeah her existence was never to be known about, anyone...