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  1. Kendall112

    Sailor Moon be trippin

    You're trippin' (for some reason trippin' in this context means "over the top" or "Crazy") The Bomb = Awesome You look fly = You look cool The slang used today is way worse. We have people using acronyms as verbs
  2. Kendall112

    Sailor Moon be trippin

    Serena: "Jeeze Luna you're trippin" Amy: "You're Tripping Serena" Rini: "Don't mind me buggin' but there is something wrong with your house" ???? "He is so fine"
  3. Kendall112

    Official DUB clip released!

    I recall in one episode of R, Serena said they were in Tokyo, but that was down to the last few episodes of the DiC dub.
  4. Kendall112

    Official DUB clip released!

    At least IMO each voice fits the character in some form or fashion (as of right now) in the ViZ dub.
  5. Kendall112

    Facts about Sailor Moon dubs and Care Bears

    Yeah I knew about the Care bears thing a while back. Like someone said Queen B's voice (Cindy Robinson) voices Amy Rose in the newer sonic games. She also voices Bloom of Winx Club in the movies. She has also voiced some Monster High Characters. Tracy Moore voiced Princess Peach in the mario...
  6. Kendall112

    New Interview With DIC Dub Cast

    Linda's story matches perfectly with her performance. She started out awful. Terri has an incredibly distinct voice (she also doesn't seem to have much range) so when someone tries to imitate her and do it poorly, it's painfully obvious. In Sailor Moon S Linda's voice was not a voice you would...
  7. Kendall112

    Official DUB clip released!

    It's like Winx Club all over again with SM's new redub. Thankfully this fandom has followed the original Anime since even in the DiC days and I think everyone can at least agree that Viz is doing their best to stay as close as possible to the original.
  8. Kendall112

    Official DUB clip released!

    We kind of are. I will say that out of all the fandoms i'm around, the Sailor Moon fandom is the most understanding of varying opinions.
  9. Kendall112

    Why is there no Sailor Earth?

    In SuperS when the earth is covered with cobwebs Momoru becomes very ill and it was explained that he was connected to the earth (If I remember correctly)
  10. Kendall112

    Act 3: Rei - Sailor Mars - Official Discussion Thread

    Wow this episode made me really like Rei. She came off way more as the beautifully mysterious misunderstood girl.
  11. Kendall112

    Moon Animate, Make Up!

    Sailor Moon Animate ... 5UDFtNryiQ My only gripe is that they did one of my least favorite episodes.
  12. Kendall112

    Act 2: Ami - Sailor Mercury - Official Discussion Thread

    Toei got the clever idea of using Cel Shaded 3D models to make it almost look like the hand drawn characters. This started way back in Fresh Pretty Cure. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The actual models aren't bad in my opinion, just the motion. As for transformations, it's clear...
  13. Kendall112

    Viz licenses Sailor Moon (Original & Crystal) for US

    Kate will no doubt give us what we need from her. In Every Anime, Mattel series and video game I have heard her in she does not disappoint.
  14. Kendall112

    Act 2: Ami - Sailor Mercury - Official Discussion Thread

    It would make sense since computers back in 1992 weren't used for much outside of work. In the modern day being able to use a computer and knowing how to use a computer are two different things.
  15. Kendall112

    Act 2: Ami - Sailor Mercury - Official Discussion Thread

    I've been trying to tell my friends this for years. USAGI IS NOT DUMB, just lazy. Even in the 90's anime she is shown to be lazy as opposed to unintelligent.
  16. Kendall112

    Act 2: Ami - Sailor Mercury - Official Discussion Thread

    I was sitting there hoping for the kick, but alas it didn't happen. I think this series will do better with Usagi's growth as a fighter since as of no she is incredibly helpless. Also YAY first Animated appearance of Mercury Aqua Mist.
  17. Kendall112

    Official Spoiler thread!

    Most people who watch won't penalize the animation too much I believe. It did have a few hiccups but like people said, the motion was a bit smoother.
  18. Kendall112

    Act 2: Ami - Sailor Mercury - Official Discussion Thread

    One thing Crystal is doing right is no stock footage for attacks. That was my big pet peeve with the original anime .
  19. Kendall112

    Act 2: Ami - Sailor Mercury - Official Discussion Thread

    This may be because I watched it in 1080p but Mercury's transformation looked incredibly cheap with the water effects. Again that may be due to 1080p.
  20. Kendall112

    Your unpopular Sailor Moon opinions

    My unpopular opinion: I'm not too fond of too many episodes of Sailor Moon S. I couldn't stand how weak the inners were. I think the only episodes I liked were the last 6 or 7.