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    Lost Sailor Moon R episode?

    Thanks for the reminder! This is why I hate my memory. Apparently I watched my fansubs too many times, and quit watching the DiC dub tapes once I found the fansubs. .
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    Was the audio of the original Sailor Moon in bad quality?

    That SuperS 153 was an AWFUL English dub, with the audio way out of sync. The subtitles give an idea of how dubs and subs don't match, which is why I don't like dub-titles. This had the subs left on while English audio was on. .
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    Lost Sailor Moon R episode?

    I'm going to tread on dangerous territory, my memory, but I seem to recall that back in the 1990s they were always referred to as swimsuit episodes, since back then there was more "fanservice" in the fuku change, and some opening credits. Episode 20 was a swimsuit filler episode that DiC...
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    Lost Sailor Moon R episode?

    The "yo" is a Japanese audible "!" Since the title didn't have any "!" in it. the proper Romaji is the way Doi gave it. "yo!" would translate to "!!" I have seen titles with "yo!" in them for the double "!!". .
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    Lost Sailor Moon R episode? Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 67 Umiyo shimayo bakansuyo! Senshi no kyuusoku Beach! Island! Vacation! Soldier's R&R (Rest and Relaxation) DiC did not get the "Master" for this one, since it did not advance the plot, so when ADV...
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    Sailor Moon YouTube Question

    Typical spelling error: sailormoon bishoujo senshi sailor Search Engines are dumb that way. .
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    Apparent 2014 Anime title leaked.

    Japan is NOT the USA!! Japanese laws give mangaka (and other authors) a lot more control over their creations. You can be assured that Takeuchi-sensei's PNP corporation lawyers made sure that the contract with TOEI gives her final approval of anything in the anime. Apparently that webpage...
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    Apparent 2014 Anime title leaked.

    For those wondering about Takeuchi Naoko-sensei's role in the new anime... She still OWNS Sailor Moon! Nothing can be done without her approval. Take another look at that "Official" website... At the the top, where it says: SAILOR MOON 20th Anniversary Project Official Site It also has...
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    Naoko and the Starlights

    In the anime, they are females who use their version of the Disguise Pen to change to male form when not Senshi..... Why are the Japanese the only ones who can extrapolate, everyone else has to have everything spelled out to them in minute detail? .
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    ` Elysium Helios/Pegasus Pegasus (一角天馬 Pegasasu) ... #Nonhumans (Page down a few characters.) .
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    They are not panty shots!

    Misaka Mikoto in A Certain Scientific Railgun wears short pants under her skirt because she is an active tomboy that still wears her frog panties, which she really doesn't want seen when her skirt flips up. .
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    Spanish "Bible"

    In the original, Usagi and Minako were saying how they were now in high-school, and 16 years old, so they had reached the age where they could legally get married. Back then, the age of consent hadn't been raised in the major prefectures, so it was still 13+ where Usagi lived. .
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    Will Naoko have more sayin the new anime?

    From what I have read about Togashi, he is suffering the same problem with Hunter x Hunter that he did with the large manga he did before it: writer's block, and related stress from trying to think up new material for new chapters. .
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    How did Queen Serenity come into power?

    Supposedly that was Queen Serenity. She arrived from the Star Seed Cauldron, and allowed the sun to start fusing, causing the solar wind to drive the excess dust out of the solar system. Think of it this way: She set off a humongous hydrogen bomb under Kaguya, and that bomb is still going...
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    Is it appropriate?

    The only reason the English dub got such a low age rating is because it was hacked & slashed edited to death.
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    Is it appropriate?

    Not far off... The original anime in Japan was intended for 4 to 12 year olds (Kindergarten through Grade school). That is what we call the unedited DVDs, which were actually edited. The VKLL and Studio Chikashitsu fansubs were the only true unedited of the ORIGINAL. Though I would...
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    Sailor Moon Cafe

    I must have missed something... If I had seen pics of the inside of the cafe, I wouldn't have posted the 1st URL. Enough of their website is in English to warrant a direct link .
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    Sailor Moon Cafe

    You missed this: ... e-talisman Also look at: .
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    Police officers flirting with schoolgirls?

    Re: The "." period at the end of the message. I got in the habit of that because a lot of message boards would place the last line right down on the very bottom of the message box otherwise. I double "enter" between paragraphs, and usually end sentences with an "enter". I always put a blank...
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    Police officers flirting with schoolgirls?

    In Japan, the local police officer walks the neighborhood beat from the kouban (maybe has a bicycle), and makes a point to be friendly and helpful. He will become familiar with the local residence, and if a stranger is loitering in the area, will ask to check their I.D.. I believe that was...