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    Sailor Senshi as goddesses

    Rules: •You can use any senshi you want( even Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Neo Moon) •Please don't make this into a joke and make comedic out of this idea. •You don't have follow canon with Sailor Moon. •Because here you can write on the character template I made for your ideas. •You all...
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    Sailor Senshi as goddesses

    Name: True name: Eye color: Skin color: Hair color: Height: Race: Mythology origin: Soulmate: Destined Partner: Goodess Crystal: Transformation item: Henshin call: Transformation sequence: Powers/abilities: Weapons/items Attacks: Status: Palace: Planet of origin: Ultimate...
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    Are Sailor Senshi different beings than their civilian forms?

    I love the idea of the senshi or more known as the princess of the planets are fifferent persons from the human senshi's
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    Sailor cosmic senshi

    What if the rest of the sailor senshi, the princesses and Queens of the planets reached cosmic power level. What if Neo Queen Serenity as Sailor Cosmos dosen't need to fight against Sailor Chaos alone. What if the senshi was goddess like beings and reaching cosmos awakens their powers, memories...
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    The Inners' Weapons

    How about a uppgrade for their weapons when they reach eternal. Mercury harp=Mercury ice cadceus Mars arrow: Mars War spear Jupiter oak leaves: Jupiter thunder sword Venus love and beauty shock: Venus love harp
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    Find that forgotten fanfic

    Ohh sorry I saw wrong. I am trying to find it also but NO luck sorry sailorstar9
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    Evil inner senshi

    We all have seen dark Serenity and Endymion fanfics. Now it's time for the inner senshi turn to the dark side. It's not wiseman, Galaxia or another villian who succeds. They turn evil because of something traumatic and make them lose their trust in sailor moon and outer senshi. Like to...
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    Find that forgotten fanfic

    Ohhh!! This looks so good! Do you still remeber the name of the fanfic sailorstar9?
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    What if silver millennium was a lie?

    What if everything the sailor senshi knew about silver millennium was a lie? That Queen Serenity was not the ruler of the silver alliance and that the planets were at odds with eachother. Some had alliances and some just downright hated eachother. And the sailor senshi are not the protectors and...
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    Power Levels of the Silver Millennium Senshi

    T That’s so True! The both groups must have reached a strong power level To protect Princess Serenity. Like having full controll over their powers and have Different variants of weapons To their dispocable. In The flashbacks they could have powered down To their basic forms when there was...
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    Power Levels of the Silver Millennium Senshi

    From what we hearded from The moon Cats was that The Sailor Senshi were The strongest warriors of The galaxy During silver millennium.
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    In what other anime would each senshi fit in well...?

    I would like To see Rei and Hotaru in Saint seiya Universe: As They are goddesses reborned with amnesia.
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    What would have changed in the anime if...

    If The inner Senshi could actually fight, defeat The monster of The week and wasn’t demoted To Sailor moon’s meat shields.
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    Lets Invent some new Sailor Senshi Atks/techs

    Mercury mist of madness: Mercury summons mist that covers The whole area. Any enemy will experience hallucinations and slowly freeze into Ice sculptures. Only Sailor Mercury and The rest of The Senshi are Not affected of this attack. Bubble spray explosion: Mercury creates thousands of small...
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    Powers and Items You Wish the Senshi Had

    Oh I wish that their powers evolved based their planets. Like Mercury grew wings on her feets and have super speed. Or Mars can go in a berserk like rage and destroy anything in her way.
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    Crystal could have redeem the four sisters

    I have To agree with The others. The members of The black moon clan was really bad pepole who did unforgivable things in The manga story. Naoko didn’t gave her villians any redemption in The stories. Just The generals and The amazon Quartet because they were brainwashed. I am glad that they...