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  1. Cute Pretty Kitty

    check this out (if your a Crystal fan you may get offended)

    I guess I'll have to take it upon myself to say something mean here, as much as I hate to say mean things, but I can't believe someone as old as this woman would waste her free time to engage in something as ridiculous as making a dumb video about how much a cartoon disappointed her and actually...
  2. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Keeping up w/ the PGSM cast

    The thing that amazes me most is that those girls still hang out together despite all the time that passed since PGSM and their busy schedules. Have they learned English maybe? I wonder if they google info on themselves in English and read here? :)
  3. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Most rebellious sailor senshi

    Then again, regardless of definition, being an outcast is not rebellious if you become one due to rejection. As teenagers, except for Ami, they're all a bit rebellious. Usagi being the biggest "delinquent" of all, what with her attitude toward school, chores, babysitting Chibiusa, or secretely...
  4. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Most rebellious sailor senshi

    I'm surprised no one mentioned Usagi/Sailor Moon. If rebellion is taken to mean "refusal of obedience or order", then it best fits Usagi in that she's always whining about having to fight, just like she whines about school, or having to do anything people have to do. I don't see how Haruka...
  5. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Most menacing villain?

    And what about Diamond the rapefugee from Black Moon? I'm surprised no one mentioned him! Mio was very scary. She's basically the classic psychopath-narcissist.
  6. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Why we love this forum.

    PIGEONS like when you praise them. :mischief: [edited by knm for language]
  7. Cute Pretty Kitty

    La Reconquista

    Nice! Thanks for posting the pics, Jay. I completely forgot about the musical. :oh:
  8. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Chibimoon's name when she's older

    Yes, that was the intention.
  9. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Keeping up w/ the PGSM cast

    Really nice! Isn't she adorable? When are we starting the PGSM rewatch btw? :)
  10. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Chibimoon's name when she's older

    Yeah, I've always been annoyed by the fact that Usagi and her daughter had the same name. Lame. And as "Small Lady" does she get to be called "Big Lady" later on? :|
  11. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Sailor Moon/Garfield Hybrid Cake o.O

    Check this out: :oh: ... ere-have-a Found accidently on Tumblr. Did one of you crazy-ass otakus make this? :|
  12. Cute Pretty Kitty

    in celebration of Chibi Chibi!

    You are awesome! :chibichibi: I love the fanart of Chibi Chibi in Kerochan's and Dia's sigs. (currently Chibi Chibi no Miko and Chibi Chibi Ant)
  13. Cute Pretty Kitty

    I'm just going to say

    To commemorate this good ambiance, I'm inviting you guys to take part in the Wacky Chibi Chibi Forum Name challenge, it's going to be tons of fun: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=22449&start=0 We already have 25 people participating and are about to break all possible records as far as forum competitions...
  14. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Romanian Sailor Moon fan base

    So are Russians now "Westerners" as well? :P Maybe people from Kazachstan as well, since they're geographically still in Europe?
  15. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Romanian Sailor Moon fan base

    So you say you dislike "labels", and then instantly proceed to labeling yourself? Your sense of identity doesn't override commonly accepted geographical conventions. We're to the West of Japan geographically, but this doesn't make us "Westerners". ^_^' Because of the combination of geography...
  16. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Romanian Sailor Moon fan base

    Poland is technically Central Europe, too, like strictly central as opposed to the West and East (Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, etc.), but these terms are hardly ever used in English, so I don't mind referring to it as "Eastern Europe."
  17. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Romanian Sailor Moon fan base

    I love Eastern Europe! :D Lots of extensive meadows, forests, and dragons as well as other green things! :yoshi:
  18. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Osabu: updates 6/28, 7/1, & maybe 7/3

    OMG I am getting that eyeliner! :D
  19. Cute Pretty Kitty

    Why are Haruka & Michiru liked so much?

    Maybe because at one point funny and goofy characters become slightly annoying. :P Personally I liked their approach to combat, more direct and proactive as opposed to the inners.