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  1. raspberrykitten

    Sailormoon References/Cameos/etc.

    I believe I remember reading that Naoko originally intended the audience of Sailor Moon to be adult men. So it would not surprise me if some of the earlier artwork was intended to appeal to male audiences.
  2. raspberrykitten

    About Ep. 45-46 in Classic's Ending

    I do not understand what was so inappropriate about Rei's last words. Usagi was joking about Rei giving Yuiichiro a goodbye kiss before going to D Point. Little did Rei know she was about to face her death at such a young and innocent age. A kiss from a boy you care about sounds like a...
  3. raspberrykitten

    About Ep. 45-46 in Classic's Ending

    I love the original show's cel animation and I like the round look to their faces and bodies. Classic and R had some not-so-perfect animation at points but it was never nearly as jarring as Crystal is. Episodes 45 and 46 were some of the most beautifully animated episodes the show ever had. I...
  4. raspberrykitten

    Why does lot of people hate Jadiete so much?

    I liked Jadeite and the episodes he was in. I did not know that it was popular to hate on him. Like what other people have said, he is the least developed of the four generals. I thought the way he collected energy and his ideas were fun though. Oh and the episode he was defeated in was one of...
  5. raspberrykitten

    Who does Ami Mizuno belong with?

    I thought that she was cute with Ryo. He probably was not her soulmate but the episodes they had together were sweet.
  6. raspberrykitten

    "Hoping for Season 2 Announcement" Thread

    Bad judgement for me to post a negative comment on this discussion. I hope that if there is a second season that the fans of the show continue to enjoy it and Sailor Moon as a whole continues to get the attention it is has lacked for so many years.
  7. raspberrykitten

    Reasons why you like the 90s anime

    1. Naru and Nephrite subplot was memorable and particularly moving. 2. I liked Naru and Umino in the Classic and R seasons because they made me laugh and I liked the contrast of Usagi's normal life and supernatural life that they helped present. 3. I also loved Mamoru and Usagi's relationship...
  8. raspberrykitten

    "Hoping for Season 2 Announcement" Thread

    I stopped watching Sailor Moon Crystal a long time ago and this is coming from a big fan of the franchise. I have been in love with Sailor Moon since I was 10 years old. :tongue: While I am not interested in seeing the show renewed and I think the show is a failure from a production and...
  9. raspberrykitten

    Favorite Season of Sailor Moon?

    Classic Super Stars R SuperS I enjoy all of the seasons for different reasons - even with their low points. In particular, the first three that I listed and the additional arc in season R are my all time favorites. I am loving seeing all of the people state that they love Stars! I hear it...
  10. raspberrykitten

    Why do they always left the Stars arc abandoned?

    I liked the Stars arc and how the television show made their own changes to it. I was not aware that it was considered a spin off in Japan. Have to agree with the other comments - Stars is not iconic like the seasons that came before it. I would buy the merchandise in a heartbeat but I am not so...
  11. raspberrykitten

    Favorite Usagi Pairing? Mamoru/Usagi or Seiya/Usagi?

    Oh my goodness! Well... Not a romantic couple but I do adore Usagi and Rei as best friends. Yay!
  12. raspberrykitten

    Favorite Usagi Pairing? Mamoru/Usagi or Seiya/Usagi?

    I don't think so. They went on a few dates together and had no chemistry and not much in common. Why do you think their personalities would mesh? I'm interested! With Rei I never saw him relax and have fun like with what we saw with Usagi. He never even opened up to her about his tragic past. He...
  13. raspberrykitten

    Act.15 浸入 - Sailor Mars - Official Discussion Thread

    Well of course the love was still there. I was so excited when the manga was rereleased.
  14. raspberrykitten

    Haruka and Michiru or Mamoru and Usagi? (poll)

    I think the slap was just supposed to be for comic effect. I agree that Mamoru does not play much a role in seasons 3 & 4 but I loved his role in season 1. I disagree that all of Mamoru and Usagi's relationship consisted of bickering in the first half of season 1. Their feelings were building...
  15. raspberrykitten

    Act.15 浸入 - Sailor Mars - Official Discussion Thread

    Was what you read an interview? It was not a fan interview, it was with someone who is behind making the show. He said there were plans for more episodes in the Dark Kingdom arc but then the short time constraints happened and they had to make do. I am glad that people are commenting and...
  16. raspberrykitten

    Act.15 浸入 - Sailor Mars - Official Discussion Thread

    Well it is faithful to the manga and expanded on Naoko's ideas :? Plans change , and all the delays led to more speculation and higher (and unreachable) expectations. Us fans will never be completely happy with everything they do . The "definitive version" in one person's mind is totally...
  17. raspberrykitten

    Act.15 浸入 - Sailor Mars - Official Discussion Thread

    I cannot locate the source right now but I remember there being an interview where someone behind the production of Crystal said that the show was going to be the "definitive version of Sailor Moon." It was going to be more faithful to the manga's content and expand upon to Naoko's ideas. I also...
  18. raspberrykitten

    Act.15 浸入 - Sailor Mars - Official Discussion Thread

    I am talking about what was originally promised to us! As in, not this!
  19. raspberrykitten

    Act.15 浸入 - Sailor Mars - Official Discussion Thread

    Just because the manga went fast does not excuse the new anime from going too fast too. I thought the point of this anime was to fix the manga's problems. Instead it is making them worse. I love the manga and it never felt this jam packed and uneasy. Not trying to sound mean or harsh. I love...