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  1. Princess Venus

    Sailor Neptune: Codename - Poseidon

    Well, here’s the Michiru project I alluded to. Not sure if it’ll expand beyond a one-shot.
  2. Guardian Princess Nadia

    The Old Fanfic Dumping Ground

    Edit: I'm linking to two other fanfic snippets I posted on this board so I don't bump this thread needlessly. I found a Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon crossover with Sailor Moon on my hard drive. It is over 20 years old and I'm not continuing it. However, I post it, not only for shame but...
  3. Princess Venus

    [Fanfic] Sailor Moon x Kingdom Hearts one-shot

    I don’t even know, but I had to write about this headcanon.
  4. Joe the Cracker

    [Fan Fiction] The Mysterious Manga

    I posted this on my DeviantArt. I know I haven’t been here in years but a few members here and I back in the day thought about something and now I can finally present it to you. All the citizens of the moon kingdom are beginning to awaken one by one and crescent moons suddenly appear on each...