old dub

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  1. Guardian Princess Nadia

    The Old Fanfic Dumping Ground

    Edit: I'm linking to two other fanfic snippets I posted on this board so I don't bump this thread needlessly. I found a Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon crossover with Sailor Moon on my hard drive. It is over 20 years old and I'm not continuing it. However, I post it, not only for shame but...
  2. Tsundereshipper

    Why did Dic/Cloverway/Optimum censor some stuff but not others?

    Something that's always baffled me about the old dub was just what was determined to be inappropriate for kids and what wasn't. Sure we all know about the gender changes, butchering of entire episodes like 44/45 and most infamous of all the "cousins." But then we get stuff like this left intact...