sailor moon

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  1. kasumigenx

    CLAMP spoof of Haruka, Michiru, and Usagi

    I think CLAMP can do a tribute manga to Sailor Moon...although Naoko would not do a tribute manga anthology...
  2. kasumigenx

    Ami and Makoto look like the Prototypes of Sakura and Tomoyo

    Ami and Makoto look like the prototypes of Sakura and Tomoyo. Sakura and Tomoyo Prototypes, Yuu and Masako. Ami and Makoto The prototype of CCS with these names and designs was published a year prior to Sailor V, the Yomikiri Prototype of CCS named Miracle You was published in May 1990...
  3. Tsundereshipper

    Was the original Cardcaptor Sakura Nelvana dub more politically correct than the Sailor Moon Optimum dub?

    “Cardcaptors” gets a lot of flack and rightfully so, I’ll still stand by my statement that it’s objectively worse than Sailor Moon as a dub/localization on virtually all accounts, there was so much censorship there practically wasn’t a show left to even air by the time Nelvana finished chopping...
  4. DinoDeadGirl

    Fun post: Rank the 2022 redesign (Mangaka duo special)

    Since Togashi sensei & Naoko sensei are getting exhibition this year, so here is a special post: rank who got the best redesign to bad redesign :luna::artemis: As for Moonies, I think we don't need introduction since we all sum in 3 crews are the Outers, the Inners and of course the mom and...
  5. Shinjik

    SG5 (short for Sailor Guardians 5)

    Have you guys seen this? What do you think?
  6. lunarluminescenceart

    Sailor Moon Poster Redraw!

    Hi! I’m here with an art project that took me a while.. but this is a redraw of the stars poster but in the style of the new cosmos movie!
  7. S

    Sailor Senshi as goddesses

    Name: True name: Eye color: Skin color: Hair color: Height: Race: Mythology origin: Soulmate: Destined Partner: Goodess Crystal: Transformation item: Henshin call: Transformation sequence: Powers/abilities: Weapons/items Attacks: Status: Palace: Planet of origin: Ultimate...
  8. Masquerade

    The issue with Chibi-Usa's name in foreign translations.

    Ok, It's been 28 years since Sailor Moon first made its way out of Japan, back in late 1993. The show hit Spain and France back then. Let's take use dubs as an example for the subject of this thread. We know Usagi was named "Bunny" in international Engrish scripts sent by Toei. While both French...
  9. Star Angel Haruki

    They don't looks bad at all...

    I wish there were villains in this mix too. I actually Usagi and Chibi-Usa should switch
  10. Princess Sugar Lily

    Are All the Sailor Senshi Princesses?

    We all know that all the Sailor Senshi are girls? I mean, obviously. But are all of them princesses? I know that the Inners and Outers are the princesses of their respective planets/satellites(So Sailor Moon is the Moon Princess/Princess Serenity, Sailor Mercury is Princess Mercury, Sailor...
  11. Princess Sugar Lily

    What's Something Only a Teenager/Adult Would Notice in Sailor Moon?

    For me it would have to be many of the r@pe analogies, like Demande coming onto Sailor Moon, with the implication that he changed her into her new dress(and probably felt her up while doing so), the Dream Mirrors, and(possibly) Luna getting chased by cats who clearly do not have her best...
  12. Princess Sugar Lily

    Favorite Sailor Senshi?

    Mine is Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon! Let's see who the most popular Senshi on this forum is! My guess is that it will be Makoto/Jupiter. (Also, now I know why there are ten slots, ten for each Senshi! The more you know!)
  13. Princess Sugar Lily

    How Would Sailor Moon be Different if Someone Besides Usagi Were the Main Character?

    This is mainly about Senshi, but any character from Zoicite to Palla-Palla to Queen Nehelenia would do. Basically anyone besides Minako. For example, I imagine that if Makoto were the main character, the story would focus a lot more on gender roles in patriarchal 90's Japan, as well as sell...
  14. Princess Sugar Lily

    Sailor Moon Pet Peeves?

    Pet peeves as a Sailor Moon fan? Misconceptions are allowed, too. My main one is when people are inconsistent with the names, especially with the names of the Senshi. "I ship Usagi and Mercury." "My favorite Senshi are Neptune and Lita." "I think Ami and Serena have the cutest dynamic." Like...
  15. Princess Sugar Lily

    Sailor Moon vs. Madoka Kaname~Rap Battle

    Who do you think won? I personally think Sailor Moon won, not just because I like her show better, but because a lot(if not most) of Madoka's lines were...kind of wrong? And if not, they were hypocritical. Like, going through them, you'll see what I mean: "Your whole group of Sailor Scouts are...
  16. Princess Sugar Lily

    Boys, did you receive any flak for liking Sailor Moon? And if so, what was it?

    Even though Sailor Moon is a shoujo work aimed on empowering girls, that doesn't mean that boys can't still enjoy it! But due to our society despising things aimed at girls and/or seen as traditionally girly, boys often get flak for liking and associating with those things. Sadly, Sailor Moon is...
  17. Princess Sugar Lily

    Women, what does Sailor Moon mean to you?

    Sailor Moon has done a lot in regards to female empowerment/female representation in media, and has inspired multiple women and girls in multiple different ways. So I'd be interested in hearing how Sailor Moon has moved and empowered the female members of the audience on this forum! I'll go...
  18. Princess Sugar Lily

    What crossover of Sailor Moon and another Magical Girl show would you like to see?

    Sorry if this question has been asked already, I'm new to Sailor Moon Forum(literally, just check my profile if you don't believe me!), but I just wanted to pop in with this. If you could see a crossover of Sailor Moon and another Magical Girl work, literally any one, what would it be?! And why...
  19. Tsundereshipper

    Sailor Moon ship tier list

    Found this cool list here, thought it'd be fun if everyone shared theirs," Here's mine: Note some of these ships only apply to certain versions and not others, for example my "Absolute OTP" only applies to the 90's anime & Musicals while...
  20. B

    I was hoping that I could get everyone's help on this.

    Sailor Mercury will face the Blue Power Ranger in a fan-voted show called DBX & we should give her a fighting chance by voting for her. Get it? cause their both their both smart and blue. You can vote for Ami through this Google Form link here. Voting ends over the Weekend and the video will be...