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  1. K

    Usagi becomes like Light(Death Note) in the end of the Manga(my opinion)

    Usagi becomes like Light of Death Note in the end of the Manga, she becomes obsessed in maintaining the order that she is creating and what she created when she encounters the cauldron guardian, and when she encounters Chaos again she becomes obsessed with destroying her which leads her to want...
  2. K

    Sailor V and Card Captor Sakura were conceptualized around the same time

    Based on my Research Card Captor Sakura was already being pitched to editors prior to Sailor V's serialization with another title, had things been different it might have been in competition with Sailor Moon and minus the controversial parts since the characters of CCS were teens/adults in...
  3. K

    Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity ranks higher than Kakyuu and Chibimoon in the manga

    Based on what I observe in the Manga Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity ranks higher than Kakyuu, Chibimoon, and Galaxia for some reason at least in the manga. I think the Starlights when they upgrade their costume will be identical to Kakyuu just like Chibimoon was identical to other Senshi.
  4. K

    Utena - Sailor Moon parallels and influences of Sailor Moon in Utena

    the last panel of Galaxia in the Manga as well as of the Anime of Usagi and Galaxia in the Episode 200 resembles the final scene of Utena and Anthy in RGU. I will document influences of Sailor Moon in Utena.
  5. rgveda99

    Sailormoon Cosplay

    Post amazing cosplayers from the :usagi: fandom.
  6. rgveda99

    Random Sailormoon Fandom WTFs!!!!

    :siren: Post some of the crazy, funny and :wtf: stuff the moonie fandom does. :siren:
  7. rgveda99

    Sailormoon and Female Empowerment

    Tuxedo Mask's Unconditional Love for Sailor Moon Was Revolutionary—And Hot An article discussing about the series' 'power of love' message within a conservative culture and possibly starting a passive form of revolution for girls around the world.
  8. redneonglow

    (Poll) Spelling: Sailor Moon vs. Sailormoon

    Neo Queen Serenity asked "Which spelling do you prefer to use?" in this thread. I thought it would be better as a poll so I'm posting it again as one.