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  1. rgveda99

    Sailormoon Cosplay

    Post amazing cosplayers from the :usagi: fandom.
  2. rgveda99

    Random Sailormoon Fandom WTFs!!!!

    :siren: Post some of the crazy, funny and :wtf: stuff the moonie fandom does. :siren:
  3. rgveda99

    Sailormoon and Female Empowerment

    Tuxedo Mask's Unconditional Love for Sailor Moon Was Revolutionary—And Hot An article discussing about the series' 'power of love' message within a conservative culture and possibly starting a passive form of revolution for girls around the world.
  4. redneonglow

    (Poll) Spelling: Sailor Moon vs. Sailormoon

    Neo Queen Serenity asked "Which spelling do you prefer to use?" in this thread. I thought it would be better as a poll so I'm posting it again as one.