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  1. Star Angel Haruki

    Bow colors

    Does anyone know why Mercury and Jupiter's back bows match the front bows but Venus and Mars don't and matches their buttons instead? Is there information for this aside from it being just "design choices?" I always wondered why Mars' back bow wasn't purple and Venus' navy?
  2. redneonglow

    Sailor Moon Valentine's Day Cards

    From I left out the Sailor Pluto one, as it contains a highly NSFW subliminal message with a ";)" as the caption (you have to look very closely to find it, but it's highly NSFW when you finally see it). But you can view it on the original site.
  3. redneonglow

    Senshi "Style" Collages

    These are a series of tweets by Ayla (@moon_2899). Rei's Style: Usagi's Style: Mina's Style: Ami's Style: Makoto's Style: