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  1. C

    An underrated shipping debate

    I think that people don´t think too much about some other pairings. I mean, how much evidence for Ikuko x Kenji is there really? They have different beds in the 90s version. Have you seen them actually kiss on screen? I don´t remember that. Kenji basically disappears from the show halfway...
  2. Tsundereshipper

    Sailor Moon ships

    Found a new tier list, post yours if you want!
  3. Tsundereshipper

    Why Senshi/Shittenou shipping sucks and just doesn’t work at all

    Putting aside Crystal’s abysmal handling of the ships and complaints of heteronormativity and forced “pair the spares” concept to begin with. I think the reason why Senshi/Shittenou seems to especially ring hollow for a lot of the fandom is because this shipping concept only exists in the...
  4. Tsundereshipper

    Different shippings between the versions

    As we all know, being the multi-media franchise that it is Sailor Moon has more differences between it's versions than most Manga > Anime franchises do. Not only in it's story and plot elements or characterizaiton but even in it's romantic pair-ups. Alot of this has to do with the franchise...
  5. Tsundereshipper

    Sailor Moon ship tier list

    Found this cool list here, thought it'd be fun if everyone shared theirs," Here's mine: Note some of these ships only apply to certain versions and not others, for example my "Absolute OTP" only applies to the 90's anime & Musicals while...