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  1. Tsundereshipper

    In what other anime/manga/game would the villains fit?

    Inspired by this thread here In what other anime would each senshi fit in well...? thought I’d make one for the villains as well. :) I think the 90’s anime Black Moon Clan would fit perfectly into Inuyasha, especially since I already headcanon them as half-demons themselves being the reason for...
  2. Tsundereshipper

    Villains Star Signs?

    Since Sailor Moon is a franchise big on astrology and we actually do get all the Senshi's signs, I find it a shame that that same data doesn't exist for the villains, so here I am coming in with my headcanons hoping to solve that. Like always this will be divided by continuity and I'll only list...
  3. Tsundereshipper

    Chaos as a concept

    While it's no secret that I vastly prefer the Manga's approach in tying in the concept of Chaos as part of the lore & world-building of the SM universe by going the Sci-Fi route and making it represent a failed star using the Astronomical Black Hole theory. (Naoko was well versed in Astronomy &...
  4. Tsundereshipper

    Favorite and least favorite villains of the franchise?

    From any version, post em! For me my faves would have to be: Manga Galaxia Kaitou Ace 90's anime & Musicals Black Moon Clan minus Rubeus (who I actually like better in the manga) Manga Black Lady Mistress 9 Sailors Lethe & Mneosyne All versions of the Shittenou Manga/PGSM/Musical Queen Beryl...