5 Sailor Moon Rumors That Just Refuse To Die

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Feb 3, 2017
Planet Nemesis
5 Sailor Moon Rumors That Just Won’t Die

I haven't seen Stars so I don't know a lot of the stuff talked about in the article, but here's the list:
  1. ChibiUsa Has an Electra Complex Toward Mamoru
  2. Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna Are in a Polyamorous Marriage
  3. Ikuko and Kenji Are Usagi’s Protectors
  4. Sailor Cosmos Is Sailor Moon’s Descendant
  5. People Can’t Recognize the Sailor Senshi
Jul 6, 2018
Well, in the old show people really ccannot recognize them snd there are a lot of instances of that. In manga/crystal it seems to not ne the case. It seems more like people just dismiss the possibility, but Mamoru does recognize Usagi, so is Rei. Their identities being secret was not just a major point in the manga. The other rumors you mention are baffling. The only I really hate because msny people still dwell on is that Nehellenia and Queen Serenity are sisters.
Apr 3, 2016
In regards to rumor #2, I remember reading that the rings were promise rings and not engagement rings. It makes sense since the Outer senshi were always depicted as very devoted to their duties. I will add the source if I find it again.


Aurorae Lunares
Jun 30, 2010
It's fitting how Tuxedo Unmasked swaps between the anime and the manga when it comes time to debunk the rumors.

For instance for the first rumor, the site owner wants to use the anime to debunk the rumor, forgetting that in the manga there was a lot more than a hallucination of Black Lady kissing Tuxedo Mask. But then that person goes on to debunk manga rumors, or as in point 5, use the manga to justify the anime where the rules are clearly different.
Sep 10, 2012
The Void
With 1, I'd say she could. However without an evil entity from the future corrupting her, I'd see it as innocent.

In 2, an earlier poster was right, in that they are promise rings. I even think they removed them once Hotaru was grown and became Sailor Saturn again (meaning they accomplished their task to protect her until she awakened).

Have not ever heard of 3 before.

Everyone has a theory with Cosmos, from future Sailor Moon, a separate entity from her, a being with Sailor Moon as its incarnation (like the villains with Chaos), etc. The author really left a lot of room for interpretation.

5: true for the anime, not so for manga.