A Controversial Review of 90's VS Crystal

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Jul 5, 2009
She's entitled to her opinion but that Break Up Arc opinion of hers gets on my nerves. :O

Also she admittedly skipped episodes. :umno:
Aug 16, 2014
She saw all the episodes. She skipped them meaning when she rewatching them. I don't see this review as controversial. She was right of the pros, and flaws of each version . She made some really good points about the dark kingdom. You can say that some of the characterizations for the knights were better ,but the plot , background,and chemistry them was better in Crystal


Luna Crescens
Sep 8, 2011
I also dont see it as controversial. Its like any opinion posted on this forum. If i had to point out anything i would say that i dont get what makes her think that the Crystal/manga Black Moon arc villains are much worse in comparison to dark kingdom and death busters and vice versa: why she thinks that 90s anime Black Moon villains are so amazing in comaprison to Dark Kingdom and Death busters which in her opinion are so weak
May 31, 2009
Tankei Kingdom, Kinmoku
While I don't agree with any of her criticism of the '90s anime or with her praise of Crystal, I will concede that giving Queen Beryl and the Generals backstories was interesting, conceptually-speaking. However, the execution was so poorly done it squandered any potential it might have had. That's Crystal's (and the manga's to a lesser extent) biggest flaw; coming up with cool and intriguing concepts but failing to see them through. That failure has to do with weaknesses in storytelling, particularly regarding characterization, consistency, pacing, and "heart".
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