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Lapis Lunaris
Jan 26, 2004
No, I haven't watch it yet. But, I did translation on the "Lastest Message" part on Act 23 and stupiud comment by the staff.

On the behalf of the Ghost's story.

The thing with the (Mysterious Person) is that the various groping is increasing.

"Therefore the girl will face" what it is not. The Sailor Soldiers (appearing together) does it, don't you think? The thing with that
mask,the sense is great(-ly), by the way.

That actually scene is to be worried about, there must be no name for that.
Being confused about that is the cause of an accident. The staff has now pet names. "Ben" (Act 5) "Natto" (Act 7). Act 4's "Catcus Brothers" are agreeable good. But, the immediate cause gradually is "One is white", "One is red" "The 2nd one is red" (BLAST!)......

From around Act 23, secretly (The Ghost indivualization campaign), pets names should be acquire.

The Sailor Soilders are now a team! I am thinking the Ghost is Zoisite? Am I right? Also, "Ben" and "Natto" are pet name like Usako adn Mamo-chan. And yes, the "Catcus Borthers" are those youmas in Act 4 and Act 19 (I think).

Did everyone enjoy this Act?

Poor Japanese

Lapis Lunaris
Nov 9, 2003
There are good news and bad news about the ACT.

BAD NEWS: But she really was ......MILLI VANILLI......
Only one thing to say: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Milli Vanilli! Liar! I'll have to see for myself! (I'll edit this post after I've seen the episode)

I really don't believe it. I'll play your game, you rogue (Poor Japanese)! 8)


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 11, 2003
D-town, MI
Poor Japanese said:
There are good news and bad news about the ACT.

BAD NEWS: But she really was ......MILLI VANILLI......
Poor Japanese said:
BAD NEWS: But she really was ......MILLI VANILLI......
Well, she does hate singing.
Somehow I'm not as excited about act 23 as I should be. Could it because of the act 24 preview? Damn you, Toei. :cthulhu:

By the way I didn't even know Milli Vanilli were popular outside of Europe ô.o You never stop learning.
Sep 30, 2003
snk777 said:
HOLY POOP! Is Mars using burning mandala? (scroll down)
Nope, just a fancy version of Youma Taisan.


I liked this act. Maybe just because I like Sakura Fubuki so much, lol.

Anyways, at the beginning, Zoisite is still "haunting" Mamoru. He calls him Master Endymion. Mamoru is obviously freaked out that there is a random villain in his apartment playng the piano. In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl and company hear piano music and realize it's Zoisite. Nephrite and Mercury get into an argument.

When Rei arrives at Hikawa Jinja, she greets a little girl and her mother. The girl tells her about Aino Minako being at the hospital. At the hospital, Minako is singing "C'est la Vie" for a bunch of sick kids and their parents. She signs autographs afterwards. A little girl goes over and asks Rei for an autograph. The girls mother says that Minako told them Rei was "Mars Reiko-san" (at least that's what it sounded like to me). So apparently Minako told everyone that Rei was going to sing for them. I loved how Minako kept laughing after every time people would ask for Rei's autograph.

One of the funniest scenes was when Rei headed back to Crown to practice singing. She couldn't figure out how to work the karaoke machine and ended up turning it up so loud she fell to the floor. Rei had to call Usagi to help. (Who was so happy that Rei finally wanted to do Karaoke). Rei's karaoke at Crown appeared like she was purposely trying to make it looked lip-synched. :/

Minako is in the hospital and gets a cat-scan (I think that's what those are called. -.-;;) She has to lay down in a hospital bed and get an IV afterwards, so I guess her condition is serious.

Usagi and Rei go to the hospital for Rei's performance. When she gets there, Rei uses her TeletiaS to change her clothes into a skirt, black boots, jacket, and a red cowboy hat. (Too bad the toys don't allow you do to that... that would be cool.) She goes on stage and preforms Sakura Fubuki. But Usagi is called away when a youma attacks. (She signals this to Rei and there are subtitles in Japanese on the screen...)

Minako also senses the youma and transforms. Moon and Venus destroy the youma, but then are trapped in youma slime. (eeeww). Nephrite appears and walks towards the Princess. Before he can harm her, Mars appears. She uses Youma Taisan, however this time it's different. She swirls the fire around slowly. It's very pretty. Nephrite is hurt and disappears. Moon is disappointed when Mars tells her she wont be doing Karaoke.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite is severely injured, Mercury doesn't help him. Nephrite takes out some sort of weapon (looks like a pizza cutter...) and goes after Mercury. You see Mercury's shadow against the wall as Nephrite stabs the weapon into her kneck.

Sorry I know my post is super long. -.-;;


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 9, 2003
United States
Wow, that's a lot of spins. But it looks pretty cool! Can't wait to see it in action. But why are they standing in goo when they defeated the youma? I'll have to see it tomorrow. Can't wait! :) By the way, since Act 22, Mars' wig looks a lot nicer!

Waaa! The last cap where Nephrite h**s Mercury is so scary!!! :grey:


Lapis Lunaris
Sep 29, 2003
Sakuya said:
But why are they standing in goo when they defeated the youma?
Simple. -2 was detaining them.

Sakuya said:
Waaa! The last cap where Nephrite h**s Mercury is so scary!!! :grey:
Pretty exhilarating to say the least.

Whoa! Best episode I've seen yet! So #3 doesn't like singing, much less singing in front of a crowd, even a very small one. But at least she gave it a shot. I sure liked it when those speakers on the karaoke machine in the CENTCOM chamber propelled her, like, halfway across the room. And that performance of "Youma Taisan", that sure carried a lot of visual merit.

Boy, does -2 (Nephrite) seem a little jealous of #2, with her supposed cockiness and her quite smug demeanour? Could it be that #1 actually got through to her in the preceding episode?

That weapon -2 was trying to attack #2 with... Looks to me to be a bit like a circular saw at the end of a three-metre pole. Maybe -2 might not want to "touch #2 with a ten foot pole", but if it has a lethal business end, he'll jump at the chance to do so.

Gee, let's hope #2 survives...
I really really liked this episode. I swear, I'm falling more and more in love with Kitagawa Keiko. She's just... damn perfect. (No, I'm not raging with jealousy. :roll:) But yeah, pretty good episode, probably because I'm in love with Sakura Fubuki!

PST. Did you guys see Mamoru's "M" keychain? *loves*

Act 23 Awards!
Brought to you by, Cube. My room! (If any of these pictures needs resizing, or it's making the page load slow, let me know.)

Hottie Of the Week:

Well, it was damn obvious. Kitagawa Keiko shined throughout this episode. Not only with her beautiful voice, but through her actions and words, she just stood out completely this episode. She was DAMN hot. There was no doubt about it that Keiko was HOTW! (Bet all you guys loved the short skirt, eh?! Hehehe.)

Best Shibby Moment:

Shibby's screentime upgraded to 4 minutes! Yay! Best Shibby moment? Again, there weren't that many to choose from, and since the first scene he was in made me laugh more then go omg omg omg over, (it was funny how it kept going to his eyes, Zoicite's eyes, the piano, then over and over....) I chose the second scene he was in, with that sexay getup. Damn, Shibby is getting hotter and hotter by each episode!

Funniest Moment:

When Nephrite tried to "kill" Evil Mercury, it was kind of funny because the weapon was SO out of the blue and so fake looking! Plus the look on his face.... man, LA!Nephrite is so pathetic. :p But yes, it was quite funny to me, at least.

Cutest Moment:

When Rei didn't know how to turn on the karaoke machine and she kept getting blown away by the loud noises was more cute than it was funny. Keiko's just so adorable. She's making me love Rei more and more by the minute.

Biggest Let Down:

Rei's singing was a big letdown. Not her voice, but the way she lip synced it. Even Minako did it, too. Why can't they sing it? Well, it was good lip syncing, but... I don't know, I just got let down, I guess.

*New Award!Dumb Moment of the Week:
(Since there was no sad moment of the week award, I decided to bring in Dumb moment of the week. I'll probably do this from now on, too. 'Cause it's fun to nitpick.)

When Sailormoon and Sailorvenus were stuck in that "goo," and couldn't get out, when Sailorvenus could have EASILLY just unstrapped her heals and stepped out. Sailormoon, I can understand her not being able to get out, but Venus should have been able to easilly jump out barefoot. Are her shoes that precious to her? Oh, don't mind me, I'm just the nitpicker.

Et finalement...

Coolest Moment:

Of course, was Mars' "Youma Taisan!" The music, the visual, and the hand movements was just... wow, beautifully done. I really liked that BGM, actually. I was hoping it'd be Burning Mandala or something, but guess not. Still, it was undoubtedly the coolest moment.

Next episode: IS GONNA ROCK MY SOCKS OFF. I honestly honestly cannot frickin' wait...

Poor Japanese

Lapis Lunaris
Nov 9, 2003
hiro said:
Orange Skirt said:
Sakuya said:
[What does that mean? :?
Probably that she was lip-syncing the whole time... Right? :P Scandalous!
i don't understand either. what're MILLI VANILLI and C+C MUSIC FACTORY?
Thank you for your explanation, Orange Skirt and blackbird.

What "MiLLI VANILLI" I meant is just explained by blackbird, and Orange Skirt , i.e. I meant she was lip-synching.
What "C+C MUSIC FACTRY" I meant is another people subbed the song instead her.

I was just kidding ,I guessed they are enough famous and their cases also enough famous, but I know it was my mistakes.

I'm sorry to made you confused.


Lapis Lunaris
Feb 26, 2004
They really improved the fighting-scenes since act 21.
Now they actually "hit" the enemy in a really really cool style.
I wonder how Sailor Moon can throw her leg so high ... ouch ..

Great episode :D
But was that "helicopter"-sound during Mars' introduction in the show or an error during the record? Sounded strange o_O

Yeah yeah .. now I'll re-rewatch it :P


Lapis Lunaris
Dec 28, 2003
I think that helicopter just happened to pass by while they're filming. And as with everything else in the show, they didnt bother to do a retake or to edit it >.<#

Aw man I'm gonna miss Nephrite -_-;;; Crossing paths with Naughty Mercury, and with Zoi back, he's obviously dead in the first 2 min of act.24 :(

Good to see Usagi smiling again ^^


Lapis Lunaris
Dec 5, 2003
Nothing too special about this episode. Very average.

Neeko, I agree with you about the stupidest moment. They could have easily stepped out of their shoes. Hell, where was the Goo covering their arms? Or is the fancy footwork necessary to make their attacks work?

What I really want to know is what the doctors were talking about when examining Minako's scans. I have a funny feeling they weren't talking about "six more months."

And what was with the truncated Venus tx sequence? They cut out all the Herbal Essences bits. So unfair.

Why is it that Mako-chan seems to disappear for one episode every month or so? Is she in the reserves or something?

I loved Nephrite's Pizza Slicer of Death. Wasn't it great how they show Darkury easily dodging her appointment with the reaper and then cut to a shadow that makes it look like she has been decapitated? Ah those tricky editors, always trying to confuse us.

Looks like next week is going to be Shibster-centric. Alas, alak and like that.

Lt Razak

Lapis Lunaris
Feb 7, 2004
well it seems that not only Zoisite is tailing Mamoru, but also Kunzite. I seriously have no idea why can't one of the Shitennou just kill Mamoru off? OH, that'll spoil the show, won't it?

I have much to comment, and that now we know what is ailing our dear Aino Minako... it's apparently a brain clot or tumour... and it pressing on the nerves. Or so that doctor said in the episode.

Rei lip-synching Sakura Fubuki... sigh, I was thinking of blotting that out... spoilt the entire episode... and she does seem a bit spastic while she was lip-synching... as in her pose and actions.

Youmas have officially been upgraded from suicide troops to suicide troops WITH trap ability! What a surprise when the youma disintegrated and trapped the 2 senshis... I thought it'll be like how Mars/Venus destroyed the youma in the church.

Aaaah... the Youma Taisan move... i seriously thought she was gearing up to use Flame Sniper. It was so wasted... and this episode just proved that how useless Nephrite is.

Finally... the pizza cutter everyone is hyping about... it's not too shabby, and I liked the way they only showed us the silhouettes of Darkury and Nephrite in the last moments... great use of suspense.



Lapis Lunaris
Jan 31, 2004
I wrote down my initial comments as I watched the episode. Here they are...

-The falling fruit I see it as a sign that soon Hina is out of the picture. GOOD for her.

-Really doesn't matter but want to point out: at 7:36 right when Rei says "good afternoon" a cat is walking in sync with her.

-I must say Rei and Minako give each other the most interesting glares and eye rolls.

-There's a Luna face sticker on the karaoke volume control button. Nifty.

-Do the nurses just not notice Artemis talking? Or can only senshi hear them speak and see them move?

-In the secret karaoke room there's a few solo photos of Luna. How cute.

-Using the magic cell phone in public is a NO NO. It was done so in the open. The walls were made of glass and the door was open. Bad Rei, what kind of leader are you?

-Mars Reiko is so hot. Nice boots. Can anyone read what her necklace says? "Party" "Penty"??

-Wow that cracked me up. Artemis tells Minako there's a youma. Minako is all sickly then suddenly she gets up full of energy and transforms.

-So, I guess everyone of the senshi knows who is who?? Does Usagi know Aino Minako is Venus?

-GO Venus and Moon. They know how to kick. Nice short fighting scene. Newsflash, Venus you're wearing heels you can get out of them and fight bare-foot.

-Damn those emergency hospital helicopters.

-I honestly thought Mars was going to do her Snake Fire attack... The flames looked like a cobra. Maybe once she awakens completely she will be able to do it?

-I don't know which hand gesture is better? Venus' or Mars'. Just a side note for those that don't know. Venus is NOT (I think not) doing the "Rock On!" hand gesture. Yet she is doing the Buddhist Mudra hand gesture: Tarjani Mudra which is to ward off evil. [I actually researched this via google. Because when I first saw Venus a few acts back, she didn't do the "I love you" hand gesture that she did so much in the Anime version. Rather she did the "rock on" or "devil" hand gesture. Then I was like hmmm I got to find out what the real meaning is to that hand gesture...]

Edit: I posted the hand gesture's name wrong. I re-checked my sources and cross referenced. I got the names mixed up. My bad. Tarjani Mudra is the gesture of threat, warning and argumentation. The Karana Mudra is the gesture of the expulsion of demons. So, I think Venus is doing Karana Mudra gesture. Sorry for the mix up.