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Lapis Lunaris
Feb 20, 2004
#21! I loved this episode more than any other episode. I loved the whole angsty feeling that hung around through out the whole thing. Bahhh cant wait for the fall of the moon kingdom. Kunzite looks pissed. My mind kinda focused on different random let me share.

Tuxedo's, I am going to walk away from you. WAIT!! first let me glue on my mask and then walk away dramtically ( did it look like he wanted to burst out in laughter afterwards to anyone else)

Oh, usagi so got played when Mamoru ran to Hina. My jaw definitely dropped then I laughed.

The third little girl with too much blush in the sailor moon t shirt or whatever comm. looks like she wants to bitch slap someone.

Motoki is sooooo adorable, but at the same time so wise. His face when he realized Hina was behind him was hilarious.

One of the people who gets their enrgy sucked looks like he's dying from bad gas instead of a youma attack :lol:

... I don't like her dress. I liked the one Kunzite gave her. This one looks really puffy and the flowers...ehhh. But regardless she looked gorgeous

(Commercial) Doesn't Usagi look like she wants to take a big ass bite out of her henshin lipstick the way she's looking at it.

Uh why did Jadeite back away when Jupiter and Mars didn't even kick him. They didn't even have an impact sound so you know he wasn't hit.

I loved the quick flashback to the Moon Kingdom.

Ok I'm going to stop. :D


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 9, 2003
United States
I forgot to say this. I feel really sorry for Hina who was left alone because everyone forgot about Mamoru's farewell party! :cry: And in the scene where Mamoru runs to Usagi but he turns to Hina, how did Hina get like that anyway? :?


Lapis Lunaris
Dec 7, 2003
Seoul, Korea
I might get killed for saying this, but THANK GOD her hair is black. Japanese people have black hair. The show is in Japan. Wigs are fine for a super-hero getup, but on a princess, I think it would have looked uber-stupid. But that's just what I think. ^^

FABULOUS FANTASTIC AMAZING EPISODE, AND MY GOD IS JYOJI GORGEOUS OR WHAT?!! I can't even breathe, he's so friggin' hot. ;_; Okay, okay, I will try not to talk about him the entire time. Highlights:

1) Tuxy grabbing Sailor Moon by the hand and saying, "Usagi!" and her subsequent, "SHITTEITTA?!" Poor Usagi...that's what you get for confessing to jewel thieves who wear masks and look like SHIBUE JYOJI.

2) Motoki's turtle costume. I don't know if it was a highlight so much as really disturbing.

3) The whole scene where Mamoru runs past Usagi to help Hina and pretty much breaks Usagi's heart in an attempt to try to chill Hina out. SO MUCH ANGST.

4) The whole fight scene. I don't know why, but it was hot. Dark Mercury and Kunzite going after Usagi and coming into conflict with each other. Those two have fab chemistry as villians.

5) THE PREVIEW! OMG, WTF, KUNZITE'S LIKE BLEEDING AND SCREAMING! I guess we're getting the Moon Kingdom flashbacks? I can't wait!

6) LOVE the princess look! Everything about it! They made her LOOK like a princess and kept the youth and innocence of a young girl in it. Her eyes were so beautiful!

7) Okay, the Endymion, my mouth actually just watered.

Hina's more whiny and snivelling than I though. Guilt-tripping Mamoru because her father took care of him and wants him to be his successor? Begging him to stay with her even if he doesn't love her because of how much he owes her dad? Lady, grow up.

I wonder how she's going to react to Usagi from now on. I hope there's a catfight. That would be HOT.



Lapis Lunaris
Dec 28, 2003
- I <3 Serenity's hair... its a keeper
- _the scene_ was awesome... damn the whole episode was awesome... ahhh Usagi!! Aiya! I dont even kno what to say lol (I'd fit right in with the pgsm screenwriters)
- I <3 Hama Chisaki as Go Go as Naughty Mercury!! Sexiest she's ever been!!! OMG!
- Motoki rules!
- Tux wins the best pose of the series award for his cape flap right after leaving Hina on the bench. I dont like him much but I gotta admit, that was the [BLEEP]
- Hina give me a call!! I'm here for you baby!!!!
- This episode made it official: Kunzite is my new role model in life
Horizzle frizzle shizzle. Translation? Holy fricking shizzy. Although I liked Act 24 better, this episode was just like... wow. I'm so glad I didn't spoil myself (well, I did spoil ONE scene) for this episode because it was just... wow.

Enough small talk. I present to thee the:

Act 25 Awards!
Brough to you by: Happy. Sad. Angry. Sleepy. Sorry the other three couldn't make it.

Hottie Of the Week:

I was originally going to make this Shibby (yet again) but I decided to give you all something different this time. This week's hottie is Moeko Matsushita! When I first saw Moeko, I thought she was pretty, but after this episode, the woman is absolutely stunning. Her acting just blew me away. I felt what Hina was feeling, and I was just in awe. Moeko is a wonderful actress and has the face of an angel.

*shakes fist in jealousy*

Best Shibby Moment:

Mmm, another Shibby-ish episode. My inner fangirlyness is growing bigger and bigger each week. It was a tough choice to choose the best Shibby moment, considering that every Shibby moment is the best! XD But in the end, I had to choose the hat/mask-less Tuxedo Mamoru, because he was just damn sexy. I don't know, I have a thing for guys in tuxes. I thought anime and manga Mamoru looked hot without the hat... why does he even need the hat? Why can't he just prance around hatless? Mmm it'd be so sexy. Anyways, yes, a very gorgeous shot of our dear Shibby, right there. Miyuu's legs are the luckiest legs, EVER.

Funniest Moment:

Of course, the FUNNIEST scene in the entire episode (the ONLY one, actually) had to have been the Kame-Motoki scene. Omg, I was laughing so hard when Motoki saw Hina behind him and gave that face. Heck, him in the entire outfit was hilarious. I wonder how much they paid our dear Masaya to do this? Omg, genius to whomever thought of it. *claps* I was literally falling on the floor laughing. Okay, maybe leaning back in my chair laughing, but it could be the same thing.

Cutest Moment:

When Mamoru put Hina down on that bench and put his jacket over her and was caring for her, I thought that was the cutest thing in the world. Just a guy doing that for a girl he cares about is just... wow. Mamoru would be the perfect (or close enough) boyfriend, ever. Just the way he made sure Hina was warm and stuff was so cute! ( ^o^) It's just really sweet and romantic, and so cute....

Nitpick of the Week:

Yes. Our princess is officially silver/blonde colourless and odango less. Really, what WAS the point of having the blonde wig? It makes no sense. Well, I guess it was a way to actually look different from your civillian form, but REALLY. Come on. As beautiful as the hair looks and all, she needed blonde hair. ( >_>)

In positive news, I love her dress.

Saddest Moment:

I was CRINGING for Usagi when Mamoru turned to the left towards Hina. I just wanted to scream at Mamoru, "YOU IDIOT," but then I realized he had to do it. It's just, the look on Usagi's face was so heartbreaking! And in the end when she said, "Hurry, run away..." was beautifully done. I couldn't imagine Usagi saying anything else.

And finally...

Coolest Moment:

Of course, it was the Princess Revelation scene. We were all waiting for it, and here it came. It was done PERFECTLY. The Crescent Moon/Tiara changing for Venus, the Serenity flashes, the senshi bowing in the end, Mamoru revived... it was all just PERFECTLY done. Agh, wonderful, just wonderful. It took us 25 weeks to get here, but we did it guys! p(^o^)q

An awesome episode. They did everything perfectly. I had to take out the Biggest Let Down award because I couldn't find any let downs! I can't wait to see the next episode, it looks really good. But two weeks without PGSM? I don't know if I can do it, but I'll try!

These awards were dedicated to Cordelia LeFay. It took 25~ish weeks for her to realize Shibby's sexiness, but it came through in the end. It'll come through to YOU eventually if it hasn't already! Bwahahah!


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 26, 2003
Out in Left Field
My guess is that Mamoru wsn't bleeding because the sword slice was white hot or something and burned his flesh open. With such a hot sear, it is entirely possible he wouldn't bleed. Besides, if he had bled, he would have gotten Serenity's dress all yucky :P

And I am also a tad annoyed that her hair is black and not the same sailor moon hair... but what can you do? I would have at least liked some ondango... :x

But the good stuff... tell me that the fight scene with Kunzite and Dark Mercury and Moon wasn't awesome! Fast paced and it looked natural - more natural than the ballerina fighting. Kick ass!

I can't wait until the synopsis for a deeper look into the episode. I want to know what Motoki said, what Hina said, what Mamoru said, everything!

Poor Hina... She didn't die, everyone should note. This could mean that she won't. Seeing as how Mamo is in love with his princess, one of them is going to have to break it off. Hopefully it can be her so she can walk away with a little more dignity.

Overall... WOW!


Lapis Lunaris
Dec 7, 2003
Seoul, Korea
Sakuya said:
I don't think Kunzite was bleeding in the end. It looks like the shadow for his...weird...wide...face. :grey:
Yeah, I think you're right. ^^

I realized it was the music that made the fight scene do it for me. and Venus jumping in to protect Sailor Moon was awesome. Wow, the entire cast was almost in the same room!

I also forgot to mention how cool the exchange between Kunzite and Zoicite was. Anytime I see the two of them together...^^

I completely agree with whoever talked about Moeko's acting. It was executed flawlessly. Even the guilt-trip was done so well, although I didn't expect it out of her character. She made it believable. ^^

...why can't i sleeep....


Lapis Lunaris
Mar 2, 2004
smallfry said:
- I <3 Hama Chisaki as Go Go as Naughty Mercury!! Sexiest she's ever been!!! OMG!
"U...Sa...Gi...Chan." I like how they're maintaining ties to her previous character development. But made her more evil all the same (ooh so cool!)

But her dress...? kya!!! I've had better prom/formal dresses having nowhere near a fraction-minus-many-zeroes the budget of PGSM ^_^

Also. Notice the parallel: the attention to Sawaii's makeup/cosmetics are more finer and finer per episode, while Kitagawa's is more and more reserved, almost none. Maybe the producers feel Keiko's beauty competes with the series' heroine :| j/k
After this episode, I don't know when I'll be sleeping. =/ *shakes fist* Darn you Shibby for being so darn sexay. Just for the heck of it, here are some sexy Shibby snaps!


Oh, and did anyone notice when Sailormoon was calling to Mamoru, "Mamo... Mamoru!" I thought she was going to call him Mamo-chan. Sniff.


Lapis Lunaris
Dec 16, 2003
South Carolina, United States
I just saw this episode...and wow. Usagi, when she was revealed to be the princess, she looked a lot older and more mature. I'm thinking next episode, Venus will reveal her identity. I'm thinking that Mamoru won't leave, but will probably encounter Usagi, who convinces him to stay. I'm thinking that Ami won't be saved until at least Act 27. Also, will we see Sailor Luna?


Now I can't wait until Act 26.


Lapis Lunaris
Dec 5, 2003
[BLEEP]ing awesome!

Sorry about the language, but what two other words will do? It had to be said.

I just can't believe people are wasting precious seconds of their life complaining about the Princess' hair and dress when they could be typing "[BLEEP]ing awesome" as well.

This is what we've all been waiting for. How could it really have been any better? From my perspective, the whole episode was a triumph. Better than Act 5, better than the mitten healing episode, better than the Venus henshin episode, better than anything we've seen so far.

I am officially on tenter-hooks waiting for a translation of the dialogue.

And since this is the last episode I'll be seeing for some time, I'm kind of going into mourning. It could be over a month before I see Act 26. Damn.


Lapis Lunaris
Jan 22, 2004
Grrr... Kunzite needs to leave little Zoi alone. Doesn't he know that if he was just a little nicer they could be lovers? Eh, maybe in a parallel universe... *cough*

Motoki is just so darn cute... all that green... he hasn't taken that dang muffler off since V-day, has he?

Poor Hina... Usagi and Mamoru are so getting together now... poor girl is screwed. x_x I guess that's what happens when you are the new character thrown in so the writers can mess with you... She seems like she'll be fine though. At least now we know she's not totally oblivious to the world, and she's a good singer! ^-^

Ami is mooching on Hotaru's haircut... interesting? But it looks so good on her! Adds about 2 years! And it's a lot closer to Sailor Mercury's hair cut, so now the girls' hair is relative to the senshis' hair... Keiko and Ayaka should grow theirs out a little more! ^__^ (the 3ft of hair piled up on top of my head doesn't make me biased at all...)

Maybe Kunzite locked the doors in a way so that Mamoru was able to get in from the outside but not back out? Tuxedo Teleport! ? Who knows... they shouldn't make weird little things like this for us to go nuts speculating about... The slicing was kind of gross, though... I mean if it slashed his mask from behind... the blast pretty much went straight through most of his skull... Just... eww!

Miyuu looks so pretty as the princess! I now think that the black hair was a god choice... but I think a more odango-ish style would have been nicer... I don't know, the way they had her hair back they could have gone for something resembling odango? She looks so much prettier though! Aww.. but the dress... The poofy taffeta crap... it just doesn't work... especially in the back where it messes with the way her hair falls down her back... I'm sure McDonalds was "lovin' it" enough to have provided a little extra money to have a special chain like detail made that could have outdone the manga and anime! But nooo.... prom fun princess. We'll live. I wish Ami had been saved, though... I guess that she and Kunzite shielding her eyes from the light of the silver crystal and poofing right away was enough to keep her evil... Fair enough I guess... but they had better have a good reason for keeping her evil. Besides that she is so good at it! :o

My God is Endymion's armor fancy looking... O.O

I like it though, now I want it subbed so I can figure out the exacts of half of the dialogue I probably missed. ^_^;;
Feb 9, 2004
Wah!! Miyuu is just stunning in that dress!! I also wanted blond odangos but how can you even think of that when you see her like that??? Gorgeous! And Tuxedo.. the look in his eyes when he wakes up and says "princess..." omg! i love you??

Incredible episode!! My jaw honestly dropped when Venus knelt.... oh my! The BGM is this act is wonderful! So emotional at the beginning and when Moon and Tux are talking.

(sigh) I can't stop saying it! Miyuu is gorgeous! I'm so happy with this act! I can't wait for the translation.. I'm sure I missed a boatload of things! Wow... Tux's prince outfit.. he DOES look like the master of those 4 guys! It's great! I love it!

Golf is evil! Moon cycles are okay, I've decided.


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 27, 2003
I'm a bit tired right now, so I'm gonna have to watch this again in the morning (plus it's a big change in gears from watching Battle Royale while I waited for the download to finish...)

At the moment, I think my favorite parts of the episode are:

-When Shibue walks into Crown and then turns his head, spotting Motoki for the first time, just for a moment, while he says "Motoki?", it looks like he was about to crack up.

-Oh my god, the plushies... Running across the floor while Moon and Mercury fought, I couldn't help myself from laughing out loud.


-How in the world did Tux's mask get chopped when he got sliced in the back? Who the heck planned that one out? It makes no sense...

-They couldn't have spared a little of the budget for CG cats during the reveal? It kind of ruins the mood to see squished cat dolls up close.

Random comments...

-Yeah, the hair's not a bunch of things, but what can you do? It is very pretty. The back looked really elaborate -- just the type of style a princess should have.

-At least the dress wasn't the one from the first episode.

-It looks like the ginzuishou is in her left boob... :grey:

Oh yeah, I need sleep.


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 11, 2003
D-town, MI
Yes, golf is evil! Not only can we not see PGSM in two weeks, but because there is a golf tournament by our school in September, we get a week off and days taken off our other vacations! NO!!!

I thought it was weird how Hina only paid attention to the one handkerchief and not the chocolates or anything. I was sad that everyone (including Mamoru) forgot the party. She has to break up with Mamoru now that she knows he doesn't love her! He'll never be able to do it!

Motoki in the turtle suit was hilarious. The face he made when he saw Hina behind him was priceless. He seems to be getting dumber each episode. Poor guy.

The Princess revelation. I don't really know. I didn't mind her hair (though I would have preferred some odango) , and the dress looked okay when she was kneeling down. But when she got up the dress looked awful! I've bought nicer dresses at the mall! Oh well, nothing I can do about it.

Why wasn't Dark Mercury healed? She must be healed! And why hasn't Jupiter gotten a power up yet? Does she get one next week and that's why she's holding that new item? I want a Jupiter episode! WAH!!

Can't wait until next week! Mamoru cannot go to England!!! Endymion's outfit is cool! Kunzite yelling makes it look like the flesh is going to tear off his face!