Act 25 Opinions

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Lapis Lunaris
Jan 6, 2004
Is it just me, or did everyone else notice that Keiko sounded like a lamb/goat when she yelled "MARS POWER!"? it was like ma-a-a-a-a-aa-a-azu powa-a-a-a-a-aaa-a! I couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes!
I've only seen screenshots so far, but I cannot wait!

As far as the dress goes, what were you expecting? Queen Amidala? It was relatively simple and very fitting for the situation.

Tux looks so cute sleeping. (Not the penguin you morons!)

Bleeding: Well, this IS a kids show. Imagine being a little kid and seeing one of your favorite superheroes sliced in half with pools of blood all over his princess's dress.

Am I noticing lately a slight change in the costumes? The jewel brooches on the bows appear to be some opaque sparkly material now. Is it just me?


Lapis Lunaris
Nov 8, 2003
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
This episode was beyond awesome. It's like... we've been waiting and expecting this (at least I have) for like 3 months now and it's the big pay off and it totally lived up to my expectations and was totally worth the wait.

The Endymion armour looks awesome. Can't wait to see next week's episode which seems include a flashback sort of deal.

Wondering where the crystal disapeared to. I've been thinking the crescent of the want is the crystal for a while now so it might go back and forth.

Poor Hina. I mean their relationship was doomed from the start but it's only just now starting to hit the fan.

And finally Venus has her proper tiara action going on. I wasn't feeling her with that crescent at all.


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 11, 2003
right behind YOU!
Hina's acting really went up a couple of notches during this Act. I'm glad that they stuck to the normal black hair for the princess..I don't know it just seems more natural.

Hey did you notice when Kunzite closed all the doors so Sailor Moon couldn't escape and just as he's about to blast her, Tux shows up out of no where. Does he have teleportation powers or what!?? :P

I loved this episode over all and can't wait for next week!


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 25, 2003
Brooklyn, New York
The entire episode gave me a warm feeling. There was no time wasted, major conversations with the villains, the scenes with Hina and Mamoru where very moving. I loved the fact that they are consistent with the power ups and made Mars hold off the Youma's ice attack for a while. For a second Ami reminded me of Gogo from kill bill with her evil look.
As for the next episode, if they were able to do so much in this one, they will do fine with all the revelations next week, I hope I get to hear Jupiter Star Power make up with that Star Tamborine.
Sep 22, 2003
theedqueen said:
:lol: Cordelia LeFay you rock my world ^_^
Your welcome! LOL

These awards were dedicated to Cordelia LeFay. It took 25~ish weeks for her to realize Shibby's sexiness, but it came through in the end. It'll come through to YOU eventually if it hasn't already! Bwahahah!
Wow. That just totally made my day!! I got a Awards post dedicated to me! Whheeee! *big hug*


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 13, 2003
Oh man, oh man, oh man! I'm gonna go watch it again. The dress was nice looking at the top but looks wierd with that waist part. They could have made the dress longer though. Who cares for that, the awakening was great, with venus and all. Artimus was just so funny being a stuff animal on that table. hehehe. I gotta watch it again, or until the subs come out.


Lapis Lunaris
Jan 26, 2004
Gosh, I LOVE this episode! :tuxspeedomask:

It looks like the Princess has finally awakened. But, didn't it seem to be that we got punk'd when the supposed Ginzuishou disappeared after Mamoru awoke? Also, Luna and Artemis seem much more fuzzy when they got expose to the light. *_* Its looks like there might not a be Evil Endymion plot any time soon. I pretty soon need to write my paper with the tune of the sheepish Mars. (What is next, yodeling on PGSM? o_O;)
I don't know how Shibue kept a straight face in that scene with Motoki. If I was talking to someone dressed like Motoki, I'd never be able to finish a sentence without laughing. XD That face he gave was priceless.

Usagi's princess look is okay. I like that they kept the hair color black but the style doesn't seem to suit her. I also thnk the dress she was wearing when Kunzite tried to turn her into a youma looks alot better than the one she wears in this episode.

I can't believe even after the princess is revealed that Ami is still evil but I loved her civillian look. It reminded me of GoGo from Kill Bill at first. I don't think they're trying too hard to get Ami back. I think they're probably figuring, "Hey, she'll come beck eventually." : /

Capeboy R

Lapis Lunaris
Dec 23, 2003
I really liked this episode despite the fact that it proves I cant be a psychic. :); I really liked how Serenity's memories came back. It was a nice touch to have Moon mourning Tux leading to the Princess mourning Endy. What a way to jog her memory. :) For once I wasn't pissed at the Moon Cycle. It was a nice way to finish the act.

I for one like the Princess' hair black. To me, it would seem unnatural having her wear a wig in princess mode. I think having a natural looking Princess will add weight to the drama of the flashback scenes.

In the preview, Kunzite scares the piss out of me. I keep thinking he's about to jump through the screen and go on a slash fest. :)

Maybe Zoisite helped Tux out and teleported him to the battle scene off camera. ::shrugs::

I'm glad Ami-chan is still evil. I hope the way she returns from the Dark Side will coincide with her awakening as a senshi. Still I wish we could see a Dark Mercury vs Saturn, but I guess that will never happen. I hope this means Tux will not turn.

I wonder if the OP will change now?

I really hope they have a nice resolution for Hina. She has really grown on me. I hope somehow she remains an important character through-out the rest of the series. We still haven't met her Papa yet.

I wonder if we will see a Tuxedo Artie.


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 26, 2003
Out in Left Field
Did anyone else notice how nice and brushed Mar's wig looked? It was so natural looking and shiny! It fell and moved so beautifully, I almost forgot it was a wig. I was mucho pleased.

What a kick ass thing though... no more princess decoy, Venus is an official senshi. I can't wait to see Usag's reaction to Minako ^_^


Lapis Lunaris
Dec 5, 2003
windwolf said:
I can't believe even after the princess is revealed that Ami is still evil but I loved her civillian look. It reminded me of GoGo from Kill Bill at first. /
GoGo! That's exactly what I was thinking!

I've just watched it a second time, this time following along with the Shingetsu transcript. It just gets better (and sadder). Don't worry Hina, if the Shibster jilts you at the altar, I'm prepared to step into the breach.

While it was far and away my all-time favourite episode. I do have a few minor notes (don't worry, I'm not going to complain about the hair)...

Quite a few people have wondered how Tux got in the room after the doors were closed. Don't forget Dark Ami and both Moonkitties also made post-door closing entrances. The mystery is not so much how they got there, but that all four bothered to close the door again behind them.

Also, did anyone else notice how much worse than usual the fight blocking was? It's almost as if they had to spend so much time on the fx shots, that they gave short-shrift to the choreography. How about Mars & Jupiter's lamer than lame kicks? Mars didn't even bother to watch hers, she turned away looking bored before it was over. And what's with her random acts of winking?


Lapis Lunaris
Nov 26, 2003
I think Motoki should get an award for nice package when he was in the spandex costume.

Hehehehe. :tuxspeedomask: :heart:
My God, that was a really, really, really good episode!

The Motoki as a turtle costume was really amusing. A turtle dressed as a turtle holding a turtle! That was light humor after something serious, but it sure knocked me out of my seat!

Hina is finally getting it, but still feels a bit attached. I thought she was going to die, but, boy, she didn't so I'm happy. I didn't mind the argument with Mamoru chasing her everywhere. It's only natural for a guy to do that when he's upset his "beloved." The part where Usagi and Mamoru met and ran toward each other and Mamoru turned towards Hina really struck me. It makes me think that he's more of a guy who can control his emotions rather than springing immediately for his true passions (Usagi, of course!).

The Mercury-Kunzite showdown was very intriguing. I even thought she was going to be transformed back to good Mercury. Punk'd, then? Nah, I wouldn't mind if the writers kept her evil for a couple more episodes. Plus, I think she's really attractive when it comes to her evil civilian form. Surprisingly, she didn't wear her glasses like she used to do.

When the senshi were frozen I would have expected Jadeite and the youma to finish them off, but shocked ever so slightly, they didn't. My cute little Sailor Mars almost held off the youma's attack with her firepower... I wish it was more than enough to keep her unfrozen. Ah, well.

And of course, the tearjerker (lately, there's been at least one moment in the recent episodes that were such): Tux dying in front of Sailor Moon, and Moon turning to the Princess, and Tux saying something like "it was like a dream"... that was amazing. The tears couldn't come out yet again, even though I felt like they should have. I loved that moment nonetheless!

Lady Brick

Lapis Lunaris
Mar 21, 2004
I'll mention some thoughts that haven't really been touched on yet...

*Yay, Zoicite isn't dead ^^

*I'm waiting for the episode when Motoki actually turns into a turtle. Someone walks into Crown and there is a giant turtle sitting on the counter, wearing Makoto's scarf.

*Shibue's hair looked especially awesome in this episode. Guys the world over should take notes!

*That outfit Ami was wearing before she transformed was super cute. And speaking of hair, love the new cut.

*After the princess reveal, Jupiter looked almost as though she was remembering something.

*I'm personally glad they didn't abduct Mamoru or do a swap for Mercury. Would have been too heavy handed.

*I really want Beryl to find out that Kunzite tried to kill Endymion twice now. Just to see her reaction.

*The dress Kunzite gave Usagi when she was being youmafied DOES look better than her princess gown. Maybe Kunzite is a style expert on the side when he isn't being evil and sneering. Maybe that's why he hates Endymion now... "How can you love her? Did you SEE what she was wearing?"

*The end of the preview for act 26 broke my heart ;_;
:tuxspeedomask: ROFL what the HECK IS THAT!

Anyway, I've been superseeding this episode ever since I got it so I hope some of you are having an easier time downloading.

Endymion's armor looks incredible. It's so different from the anime/manga, it really fits well with the look of the other generals. He's got those tassel-like thingies on his shoulders, it immediately made me think Rose of Versailles/Utena xD (Hahah, I wish). I love how the costume designers not only gave him a white/silvery uniform (which looks so much better than BLACK) but they gave his costume such rich detail and not just plain white cloth. He doesn't look like a cosplayer, he actually looks PRINCELY. (On the other hand I think Serenity's gown could have used a little more je-ne-sais-quoi xD)


Lapis Lunaris
Feb 4, 2004
Home again
OMG i just watched it was so sad when Mamoru talks to Hina. I wish i knew what he said. But since every1 bowed infront of Serenity i assume ever1 regained their memories as Sailor Senshis. I cant wait for the subbed version, or the next episode. and i really liked Endymion's costume.

And yeah Motoki's package really looks good :wink:
After watching it again with Shingetsu's transcript, I realized just how heartbreaking the Hina/Usagi/Mamoru scene was. The things he was saying... I'm so amazed how Usagi ran away with somewhat of a smile.

*sigh* I don't think it's good for Mamoru to lead on Hina like that. If he doesn't like her in that way, he should go out and tell her! Maybe he thinks if he goes away with Hina he'll forget about Usagi and start falling in love with Hina... but we all know that's not gonna happen. =/

I hope the next episode doesn't end the way I'm thinking it'll end (with Mamoru leaving with Hina and Usagi arrives too late) because I don't know if I can last two weeks with that. :cry: