Alisa Durbrow "Japandering" McDonalds

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Dec 6, 2003
Dude! Today, as I was watching Hamtaro (I was curious cause it was so far in the series... I swear!) I saw a McDonalds commerical with Alisa Durbrow in it!
She was wearing a McDonalds uniform and everything. I'm going to be equipped with my camera next week, but if anybody can find a clip or picture, that'd be great. So what do you all think? It was kinda scary cause she was in that too-happy-to-be-up-to-any-good mode.
...And the little girls in the commercial said she was cool (looking). :wtf: Just kidding. But I think Keiko or Chieco would've been sexier. But what do I know?


Aurorae Lunares
Nov 15, 2003
Woah that is awesome cool! Alisa and Ronald take over the fast food industry!! Wait, Ronald has already done that hasn't he? Poo. Well I guess Alisa can go into the poultry business. Or since she has crazy crazy connections with THE Ronald McDonald, she can probably bribe him to bring in a new item, McChicken Feet. I wish I had crazy crazy connections with Ronald, or at least Grimace or Hamburglar. Lucky Lucky Alisa.
:wtf: No mommy I dont wanne go to McDonalds! :cry: Mio will eat me! :cry:
Mom: Mio is death, remmeber? :|
Ow yeh, thats right! :D *eats hamburger*


Luna Crescens
Jul 15, 2004
London, Ontario
SailorMoon said:
Mom: Mio is death, remmeber? :|
Ow yeh, thats right! :D *eats hamburger*
That's really creepy. Also, I remember seeing a photobook for sale that had all the different uniforms of different companies, and McDonald's was in there and the uniforms were really nice! I think in Japan, the whole looking nice at work thing is a lot bigger.
Ow yeh, thats right! *eats hamburger*

That line makes me think of what that hamburger is made off...
*checks hamburger* OW MY GOD! :grey: ... buts its just Mio, nobody likes her anyway! *eats hamburger*


Lumen Cinererum
Feb 20, 2004
I think it's good that she's doing things outside pgsm and magazines. Yay Mcdonalds but she looks like she's a flight attendant.