Another reprint of the Saailor Moon small format

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Mar 8, 2012
At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if they announced a re-release of the original tankoban version. Will we ever get a full-color release or those long-promised art books?

Still, I find that edited version of the perfect edition cover illustration interesting... Assuming they use that as the cover for volume 1 of this new release, I wonder if we'll get similarly edited versions of the other illustrations for the remaining volumes' covers...
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Jan 3, 2006
Yawn, wake me up when there's a full color version then I can get excited.
I'm pretty sure at some point in the future they will make it. For some two decades already Naoko and Toei successfully milked the franchise by selling us the same series in slightly different wrapping of remakes, retouches, reprints, reimagining, remasters, refreshes, and re-whatevers without making anything new. Selling the same manga, but colored, to the same people yet again at double or triple prices would quite fit into that strategy, and once again would save Naoko & Toei from the hassle of attempting to do anything new for yet another decade. So it's only a matter of time before they send a few manga volumes and a pack of color crayons to their freelance artists in Vietnam to prepare the new color manga release.
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Mar 8, 2012
So, to summarize, there are:

- The original serialized run of the manga in Nakayoshi and Run Run
- The tankobon edition
- The shinsoban / re-release edition
- The "Moon Prism Box" pseudo-motion comic version of the shinsoban from the previous version of the official Sailor Moon website
- The kanzenban / perfect / eternal / re-re-release edition
- The bilingual re-release of the kanzenban (one volume released so far, including Acts 1-6, not 1-7, and thus not an exact re-release of the kanzenban)
- A novelization of the manga (ostensibly based on the shinsoban edition; only 3 volumes planned so far)
- This new bunkoban edition

Coming soon:

- An aizoban edition
- A soshuhen edition
- A wide-ban edition
- A digital / e-book edition
- A pop-up book edition
- An edition with simplified Japanese text
- An edition with classical Japanese text
- A reissue of the tankobon edition
- A reissue of the serialized version of the manga sold as individual comics (a la Tokyopop/Mixx Comix)
- A reissue of the shinsoban (with stickers)
- A reissue of the shinsoban (without stickers)
- A stereoscopic edition
- A life-sized edition

And still there'll be no fully colorized version.


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May 7, 2009
^ Kodansha exec: "Thank you for giving me the idea for the next Sailor Moon manga version to be released - should've thought about that but somehow didn't. lol BTW, I'm coining it the "Bible version" & it'll be in hard, leather cover. :cool: Stay tuned."