Berthier and Elsa, Do You think They are Similar?

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Lumen Cinereum
Apr 1, 2020
They both look alike, no kidding. The first time I saw Elsa, I thought I've seen her somewhere before and she was somehow so lovely. Years later I realized that had to do with my love for Berthier. She is the most adorable SM villain in my opinion.

They both use ice power and dress in blue fashion.

Both of them have very good relationship with their little sister. Both of them were on the edge of isolation/death but was saved by their sister's love.

What do you think?
Sep 6, 2014
They both wear blue and have ice powers is a reach of epic proportions. The color blue is associated with coldness. Of course a character with ice powers is going to be associated with the color blue.

Elsa’s relationship with Anna was the emotional crux of the story (the good parts of the movie when it wasn’t checking off its prerequisite cutesy Disney crap) Berthier and Koan’s closeness was given zero attention before the episode where Berthier had her turn around.