Building your perfect SM anime

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Feb 10, 2009
Sailor Moon has had a lot of adaptations, while they all cover the same general arcs they each have done something slightly different from the source material.

Taking all of these (OG anime, live action show, musicals, Crystal, manga)...what aspects of each would you take that would make the best version of a Sailor Moon anime (covering Dark Kingdom, etc...) for you?


Lumen Cinererum
Dec 1, 2020
From the original Sailor Moon I would take the comedy moments. This is where I feel the original anime shines. I would also take the slice of life feel. Also character developments for the villains. I’d also take the soundtrack. Perhaps remix it so it sounds more up to date.

I would take the overall storyline and mythos from the manga. There are some fascinating aspects in Stars like the Galaxy Cauldron and Sailor Cosmos which I would definitely expand upon.

From PGSM I would take the character development. All the inners had their moments in the spotlight and felt fully realized.

From Crystal I would take the real time action sequences and the title cards. I’d probably mix the real time action with a little something more action oriented like Precure.

Never seen the musicals so I can’t really comment. However there seem to be some interesting plot points and ideas that I would use.

I think I would have each season be about 20 episodes long which gives it enough time for there to be episodes that give more time for characters, motivations and ideas to be fleshed out. Not every episode needs to be action packed either. I’d have some quieter episodes, anime originals mixed with some of the side stories. I would also definitely give more backstories to the Outer Senshi as they lack them in all versions. Also make all the Senshi look powerful and important. No more leaving it to Sailor Moon or having them tossed around like rag dolls after one attack.
Feb 10, 2009
As far as TDK arc:
1. Animation of S3 Crystal
2. Dark Mercury arc of PGSM
3. 25 episodes
4. live attacks of Crystal S1
5. Music of DiC
6. Darkness of the manga
7. "redemption" of Nephrite in the OG show
8. Malachite/Zoisite relationship of OG show
9. Mars/Jadeite "romance" of manga
Mar 8, 2012

In a nod to the DiC dub, the show opens in the Moon Kingdom. "A thousand years ago," an unseen narrator intones, "our moon was home to a great civilization ruled by a beautiful princess." We see the princess. She's...Minako?! "MOON POWER! TRANSFORM!" she cries out, transforming into the one, the only: Sailor V! The camera pulls back and we realize we're in a movie theater. Usagi, Umino, and a purple-haired Naru are snacking down on popcorn and watching the new Sailor V movie. "Wow," Usagi whispers, awestruck. "Sailor V's a princess? How cool..."

Cut to: outside the theater, the walls of which are lined with posters for the movie, clearly announcing "Minako Aino" as the star. Usagi and her friends leave with the rest of the crowd. Their discussion of the film turns to talk of school; it's April, and they'll be starting 8th grade the next day. It's night, and as Usagi sees the full moon above them, she suddenly gets wistful, like she's starting to remember a long-forgotten dream. Naru and Umino head off in opposite directions, leaving Usagi alone. She stares up at the moon again, reflecting on how she's always felt connected to it. Unbeknownst to her, she's being watched by a black cat wearing a yellow ribbon (Luna).

The opening notes of the theme song play as the title of the show ("SAILOR MOON PRISM") appears across the face of the moon. The title fades out, as does the music. Suddenly, a shadow shoots across the sky and high-energy chase music begins to play. The shadow was Tuxedo Mask, notorious jewel thief. As Sailor V and Artemis chase him across the high rise rooftops of Tokyo, the police (led by Special Officer Toshio Wakagi) follow in their squad cars. Tuxedo Mask, a master of disguise, manages to slip away, though he leaves behind the jewels he had just stolen. Toshio is visibly frustrated by this. Just then, Kenji Tsukino, on-the-spot reporter with the local TV news station, arrives with his film crew and begins reporting. Usagi arrives home and finds her mother watching the story on TV. They watch together for a bit: Ikuko worries her friend, Naru's mother, might be robbed next; Usagi catches a glimpse of Sailor V and thinks to herself how exciting it must be to be a superhero. Outside the Tsukino home a short time later, as the lights turn off and the family bids each other good night, we once again see that black cat lurking about, watching.

[The rest of the episode unfolds in more or less the standard way: Usagi is late to school, notices Luna (but doesn't trip over her), gets scolded by Miss Haruna, talks with her friends about Tuxedo Mask, Sailor V, and the recent jewelry heists, they visit Osa-P and find a sale is going on, Usagi leaves and has her encounter with Mamoru (only here she bumps into him and he yells at her for being clumsy, not for being stupid), then heads over to the arcade (where she runs into Shingo and his friends, who tease her), then goes home, takes a nap, gets awakened by Luna, etc.]

For her first transformation, I'd do a specially animated sequence where we see Usagi reacting to what's happening, first with shock and maybe a little fear, and then with excitement. (I'll note here that in my vision of the series, Usagi has strawberry blonde hair, worn in two squat buns and pigtails that come down to her waist; as Sailor Moon, she has bright yellow hair, worn in rounder buns a little bit higher up on her head, and pigtails that are curlier and come down a little past her knees. She also wears her mask.)

Anyway, Sailor Moon races down to Osa-P and again the fight proceeds in the standard way (though I'll borrow some inspiration from the picture books and have Naru's real mother be one of Morga's possessed/hypntoized slaves). After defeating Morga and saving the day, Naru crawls out of hiding and thanks Sailor Moon for rescuing her. "Naru," Sailor Moon says with amusement, "don't you recognize me?" And before Luna can stop her, Sailor Moon takes off her mask and de-transforms back into Usagi, much to Naru's astonishment.

Cut to: the creepy cavernous lair of the Dark Kingdom. Jadeite swears he'll defeat Sailor Moon.

Cut to: the next day. Usagi and Naru are heading to school (with Luna in tow), talking, obviously, about how Usagi is a superhero now. They pass by the arcade, with its posters for the Sailor V game hanging in the window, and stop for a moment to look at them and wonder if Usagi will ever get to meet Sailor V, etc. They hear the chiming of the school bell and rush off. Inside of the arcade, we see Motoki sweeping the floor, getting ready for the day. The automatic doors slide open and in steps a girl with long blonde hair. We don't see her face, but we know who it is. "Hi, Motoki," she calls out. "I'm back." Motoki stops sweeping and looks up at her. "M-Minako..."

End credits. Next time on Sailor Moon Prism: The Secret Origins of Sailor V.
Jan 18, 2021
This isn't totally on topic but honestly the perfect one for me would be a Dragon Ball Super like series, like maybe a series taking place in the time after Stars/before Usagi and Mamarou's wedding that covers some new storylines ^^

On the actual question though, some of the plot elements and focus from the manga but combined with the anime's character and slice of life focus. Like an arc could consist of a mix of plot and slice of life episodes, with the plot sometimes being split into "mini arcs", stuff like the Nehelenia arc in Stars that combine to make a greater narrative and keeps the plot flowing more than the 90's anime but also gives the characters and show as a whole time to breathe which I think is a problem in the manga, probably not explaining this great but basically a combination of how the manga and anime approach things, kinda like PGSM really lol

As for other stuff, I liked the focus on the Outer Family shown in the manga, and School Nurse Setsuna so I'd want to see those, Rei and Usagi's 90's anime dynamic, keeping the quirky tone of the 90's anime, making it so not every episode needs to have a monster battle if it isn't needed, and also more episodes where Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru get to interact/have plots with the inners since I feel like that's something the 90's anime and manga really never took advantage of
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Jan 14, 2021
I really would love a remake of Sailor Moon R replayed from the perspective of the Ayakashi Sisters. I really liked how the Bmc were genuinely morally grey in the anime, and I felt that this made Wiseman all the more monstrous in his corruption of the Bmc, who are wrongfully exiled for the crimes of their ancestors. I really would like an adaption that explored the back story of the clan members, their life on Nemesis, and what led them all on the paths they ended up taking. Where are the parents of the sisters and the two brothers. What happened to them? What went on between Saphir and Petz? It would be interesting to see the Senshi from the eyes of the antagonists, and have the sisters and the senshi interact as civilians more. I think it would be something really new and interesting in the franchise to have a series to be told from the most sympathetic members of its most sympathetic villain team.
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Apr 1, 2020
Classic: Not much to change
R: Switch battle to the future after Reubus arc. Give Demande more screen time to explain his obsession. Let the sisters come back, along with the redeemed Demande brothers' spirit to help in the final fight
S: Let the Inners and Outers work together in the end to fight the boss.
SuperS: A big overhaul to focus on the senshi rather than the victims of the week, the main plotline needs to be pushed quicker, put the last fight in the beginning of Stars to the end of SuperS. Add more to Nehellenia's character
Stars: Make a more intensive main plot, let the 10 senshi work together.
Make Another Story anime.

Overall I want to add more to some of the characters like Michiru
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From PGSM I would take the character development. All the inners had their moments in the spotlight and felt fully realized.
I love the character development of the Inner Soldiers in PGSM, their character growth as well. They are all well rounded and dynamic by the series' end.
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