Does Chibiusa's Introduction Make Sense?

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Luna Crescens
Nov 19, 2020
Considering what we learn of Chibiusa later-particularly her reverence for Sailor Moon and borderline worship of her mother-why pull a gun on her even a pretend one? Why not simply explain and ask for help? And she had to know who Usagi was-why else would Usagi have the Silver Crystal? Even from a narrative standpoint you still have an interesting conflict with Chibiusa being very guarded in giving info especially with hiding her role in the Silver Crystal's disappearance. Actually, her guilt would have been an interesting thing to explore and wasn't explored enough. Chibiusa and Usagi's relationship was among the most fascinating in the show, but boy did it get weird (their initial hostility to each other, Usagi's totally irrational jealousy of a five year old-did she suspect Mamoru of being a pedophile?) Usagi's relationship with her was at it's best when Usagi was in Mama Moon Mode (her concern for her in the bath scene, spanking her when she was being naughty, and in Crystal, holding her hand and helping with her homework. Usagi as a helicopter mom and Chibiusa getting annoyed with it would've been fun to explore.)

(...Just imagine Usagi scolding Chibiusa for a bad score and everyone's staring at her like "are you for real?" OOC of course, but still funny.)