Expand Nehellnia's anime character

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Apr 1, 2020
I mean among all the big bads, she is the one with the most personality and the most interesting one.

She seems to be a villain with sympathetic past when she showed up, but then the reveal of her past was very shocking because she was just..insane. Simply because of a mirror dream of growing old and it caused her to take away her ppl's dream mirror, turning them into walking zombies!

I think Ikuhara didn't intend to make her a character with development but mostly a symbol of those who refuse to grow up and take away other's dreams.

It would be better to make her a real character with reasonable past, like she was loved in the beginning, but with the Moon Palace being well known, her ppl started to be attracted by it, her ppl started to abandon her when she grew old. Only a few of them left and most of them actually tried to kill her to obtain the kingdom's secret power. Her only loyal followers were killed in the conflict. That caused her to grow despair and went evil to take away those "betrayers"' mirror and swan revenge on the Silver Millennium by trying to take the Golden Crystal.

What do you think?