Fan Video Idea

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Onuzim Ima

Luna Crescens
Aug 11, 2010
I know it's not the right season for this, but I just had the idea for a fan animation AMV to the "Merry Christmas" song by Aya Hisakawa. It's kept quite simply as it would just show a stage microphone in front of a warm, pastel-colored background. Ami-chan, dressed in blue-themed, Xmas-inspired clothing, enters the stage and "sings" to the song playback, waving back & forth etc. (She may smile/close her eyes and blush from time to time) Snowflakes, sparkles, bubbles [...] may optionally appear. Near the end, when the background singers repeat the chorus alone, she takes out her (previously hidden!) Santa bag, grabs some presents or sweets out from it and randomly tosses them into the virtual crowd, one of them directly at the 1st person-viewer.

It should be drawn as cute as possible while also true enough to one of the styles in the old series so that she stays recognizable.

I write it down now before I forget it and it never comes back into mind again.

Of course, it'll probably never come true, as I neither own the neccesary Hard - nor any convincing Animation/Video Editing Software. But dreams are not illegal, and hope dies last.
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Luna Nova
Jan 10, 2018
Sounds like a fun idea, although animating is a pain it is rewarding.
I adore Aya's voice, but I gotta say I prefer Jingle Bells, both are awesome though.
Wish you good luck.