Favorite Art Style

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Mar 8, 2012
From Naoko to Ikuko to Yukie to Marco to chibis to sprites to picture books, Sailor Moon has been officially rendered in a number of different art styles. Share examples of your favorites here. (Preferably official ones, but fan art or examples from the Infinity art book are fine, too.)

My personal favorite art style for the series is the one used for the DiC/Buena Vista VHS cases and the R2 DVDs:

They're not the *exact* same art style of course, but they're very similar to each other. I love how this style looks cute without being overly simplified or wonky, and how the line art and shading give the illustrations a sort of softness. No offense to Marco, but I much prefer this style to his.
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Nov 22, 2016
Hisashi Kagawa is the best out of all the Sailor Moon animators IMO. His artstyle shined even when the show had rough animation in its first 2 seasons.

When you manage to make even STAR FIGHTER look beautiful with that character design, it's because you're on another level. :lol:
I also like Kazuko's and Ikuko's, but the first is too simple and the second is too elaborated. Kagawa's looks more balanced, so I go with him.


Solaris Luna
Jul 6, 2018
This is so hard. We have like 30 or more different artstyles in the old show alone. Still for me is Naoko's artwork for the Kanzenban/Eternal Edition. They are gorgeous and she has improved a lot on her proportions. All the detail in the eyes and hair really shows how much her artstyle has evolved. Stunning! Ikuko Itou is probably my favorite animation-wise.
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Nov 8, 2018
I agree, Keiko Iwata's interpretation of Sakou's design is among my favourites and it's probably the best and most detailed the senshi ever looked. From the 90s I also agree, Hisashi Kagawa is unites perfectly in all 5 season the spirit of Sailor Moon and I prefer him actually over Itoh.

I also love the inner senshi (moon looks stiff/off, chibimoon looks ok) on this poster:

unfortunately, i couldn't find the images in a better resolution. anyone? jupiter and mercury ::love::

and here moon looks, surprise, best:

So I like it a lot when the characters look like they came straight out of a CLAMP anime.


Lumen Cinereum
May 1, 2015
For the 90s anime its Ikuko Ito, Hisashi Kagawa, Kazuko Tadano, Miho Shomogasa and Katsumi Tamegai in later seasons.
For Crystal its everything that Keiko Iwata does
And of course Naoko. :usagi:
I love Ito, Tadano, and Shimogasa, these women are among my favorite animators of the 90's anime. I love Naoko also. Keiko Iwata is a fantatic animation director.
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Onuzim Ima

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Aug 11, 2010
:eek: Holy Cow, Mara... This is scary! *Tries not to blink* (I've "reblogged" the GIF somewhere else, I hope you're okay with that :cool:)

I know I've already posted this elsewhere, but there you go: https://xflag.com/entryimage/42f405cfabc6e6a1f8520bd3f278630a0756af00.png

Spoiler: show
Is it okay like that or should I direct-link the image like everybody else in this thread?

@SILVER I don't know. It's beautiful nevertheless. Would make up (Where's the Pun Piggy Bank?) a nice T-Shirt motif! :)
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Mar 8, 2012
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