Final Act Opinions

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Lumen Cinererum
Feb 22, 2004
This is the ending that I have been dreaming for such a long time! It definitely satisfied me!

The only thing that I am dissatisfied was that there was no Motoki and also, the shittenou did not get the chance to live.

I hope the big announcement means a second season where the shittenou gets to come back...

But if it's really not about a sequel, I don't mind that much anymore. Cause this ending is really the best. It leaves me no wondering of whether they are going to start all over again or not. It was stated clearly, so similiar to the real ending in manga 18 as well.. everyone is all together.. mm... so cool!


Lumen Cinererum
Feb 26, 2004
Like some of you said that there are holes in this act, I just hope that the holes are meant to be there so they would continue it on the second season. It's true that PGSM has ended in act 49, but it only resolves the un-finish business of the past life. At the end, everyone was reborn, had a second chance, it's only fiting for it to be continued. I know the shittenou would come back to life if there is a second season.

Also, someone mentioned "...with one line, Luna brought together all three forms of Luna into a single character. " Luna only had a one word line in this act and it was "Artemis." I don't get it at all, how does that bring a closure to her three forms?
Dec 24, 2003
Nebula M-78
ousouji said:
And hey maybe Beryl _is_ back in the form of Mio around somewhere plotting secretly........
lol... Mio is alive........ she's working at "McDonalds", planning who knows what. :) Just look at Undead Princess sig........
Ahh, "sad then happy."

I had the hold back the tears of joy because of the Shitennou/Usagi and Mamoru encounter and Endymion's figure disappearing... that was extremely touching. Before that was Jadeite's commitment to Queen Beryl... who knew he would stay until the end? And then I saw Zoisite, though his resignation was tendered right after he "died"? That was really gratifying to the extent that I would have truly cried.

Here's where it gets interesting. The part where Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter starting bolting for PSM and couldn't pursue. I thought it was truly going to end there. My expectations were superseded by what happened in the next two minutes!!! They were the weirdest -- and most exciting -- two minutes ever!

And when life began to become ordinary for the remaining four, I surmised that what had happened had truly happened, but then the last surprise in the end was more than what I could fathom.

Fighting scenes were extraordinary, with new youma! LOL that was very ad lib for the producers, but it all panned out so well! Swords for everyone (and Jupiter with the glaive-esque weapon)! The oddest thing would have to be how the youmas did not make contact with the senshi and still managed to knock them out. Couldn't help but spot that.

Everything was superb! It's been a great year, and I always, ALWAYS ALWAYS will love Kei-chan for her acting and singing and her looks... and yes... it's obvious that I've fallen for her, kekekeke. But what can ya do? :D


Luna Crescens
Jan 4, 2004
Well...I'm kinda torn as far as my opinion on the final act. I'm rather upset that Usagi was weak enough to destroy the planet just because of Endymion's death, whereas in the anime and manga, it was all about the lives of her friends, family, and even people she hadn't met, to keep the planet safe. I DID like the appearance of the weapons for the Inners, though, especially Mars' twin swords. That was quite sweet, actually. A little disappointed with PSM's youma, though, they didn't even look like they were trying to make believable attacks toward the girls. The TP youma were better in that respect.
I'm still puzzling over Minako's reappearance, though...with the different theories going on as to exactly how Usagi brought life back to Earth, none of them really make sense. If it was a "going back in time" thing, then Minako would still have the disease and would still die, unless she got the operation ASAP. Even then, who knows? Unless, of course the Ginzuishou's healing powers just wiped it out altogether, which is entirely possible. I'm just mad because that completely took away from the impact of act 47. Don't get me wrong, I'm GLAD to see that Minako is alive and well,
The use of "Dear My Friend" at the end was beautiful. I teared up, probably would have cried if I had been the only one in the room. I need to rewatch the act later, anyway, now that I've seen the transcript, and so I'm not interrupted 6 minutes from the ending like I was earlier. :x
The "See You Again" at the end has me hopeful, but...if the Ginzuishou has shattered, how can Usagi transform? Though it didn't really seem like it aided in her transformation in the first place. Hmm. If they leave it at just one season, though, I'd be satisfied. They did a wonderful job, although I do wish they could have stretched the end out a bit more, you know, made it an even 50 acts. But oh well! I'm still happy with the way it turned out. :)


Luna Crescens
Jul 15, 2004
London, Ontario
It was a great act and a good ending, even though I would have liked to see more of Nephrite and Motoki-kun.. My comment is that the little blurb about the next show (Ultraman Nexus?) seemed really cool!! I wonder if Tv-N will do it!


Luna Crescens
Dec 10, 2003
I really need to learn japanese.....the episode was beautiful, but I didn't understand a single word....

First, the scene with PSM and Endymion....was she dead??? Because Endymion was...or it was an spirit or something? :? No idea...

Second...OK, the Shitennou are dead, but Nephrite? I'm pretty sure he didn't die, or did he? But then....why he appeared in that scene????

And third...for a moment I thought that everybody had forgotten their past lives, and Usagi....thank god they remembered! :)

And now that I say that the Ginzuishou was shattered...but it's supposed that Usagi can't live that way (at least the anime taught me that...) I just don't get it...

Capeboy R

Luna Crescens
Dec 23, 2003
Here are my random thoughts.

I had mixed reactions to this episode. It met my expectations in some ways, disappointed me in others. First, I never thought the [Inner] Senshi would actually try to fight Sailormoon. My jaw dropped when PSM produced her own youma. Even though they didn't seem like they knew how to land a punch, they just seemed cool to me. They were wearing the Moon symbol so they seemed like good guys, but they were also fighting the senshi making them just like any other youma. They were a nice change from the Putty Youma. :)

It sorta hit me that this was the last ep when each senshi transformed their tambourines into weapons. I think it was the BGM.

I expected that if the senshi were to fight PSM, they would have had their butts handed to them, and in the end, they would have to appeal to Usagi's desire to protect the world she loved. That way, it would be up to Usagi herself to stop Serenity from using the crystal to finally destroy the world, while at the same time fighting her remorse over Mamoru's death. Obviously, that didn't happen.

Minako's death shocked me cause I never thought they would do it. It seemed realistic to me in this Live Action format. PSM destroying the world didn't shock me for some reason even though I never thought that would happen either.

It's weird that Beryl didn't fight Sailor Moon in this version. She is the legendary "Queen of Darkness" after all. In the end, I felt sorry for her, as she was going through remorse like Sailor Moon was, which made her human to me. I guess the emphasis was on two women having the same feeling for a man, more than the battle between good and evil.

Strange enough, Jadeite actually earned a few cool points by staying with Beryl, even though I wished he was more loyal to Endymion. I'm disappointed that Neph didn't have his revenge.

It's going to take a while for me to have a lasting opinion of this episode. While I really like PSM as a badass character, I was never really excited with the whole "Princess was responsible for the destruction of the world, and may do it again" plotline. It was intriguing to see Sailormoon as the biggest threat, but it was one of those plotlines that I took a wait and see attitude before I really sum up my reaction to it (like the whole Minako illness thing).

Personally, I think time was reversed. Minako's "Venus" album looks like it just came out, and she is recording Cest la Vie. I'm Ok with that. This way, if Minako still has that illness, she will fight this time, and hopefully win. If she doesn't have the illness anymore, then she remembers what it was like to be only centered on her past life and appreciate being Aino Minako this time.

There were huge gaping potholes, and this Act doesn't have the same feel of finality like ep 200 (maybe intentional?), but it was a nice way to spend a half-hour.

Funny, it's the last act, and we still have something to wait another week for. :)

hoshiko said:
*sigh* I wonder how I can finish up that darn music vid now?
I really hope you finish that. I still play your "As For One Day" vid on my iPaq. :);


Lumen Cinererum
Oct 27, 2003
TuxedoStarr said:
Which reminds me of my next point: Someone addressed how Usagi didn't grow as a person. I disagree. We just got her growth earlier on in the series, when she tried to accept Mamoru's absence, and had the burden of the Ginzuishou to carry with her and try to control and maintain. Also, in the end, the Princess really did learn. I mean, sure, she up and destroyed the world (Saturn, anyone?), but when Endymion came back, she overcame her hate and sorrow and was able to restore the world again.
I think that person was me. It wasn't that I didn't think Usagi herself didn't grow as a person, it's just that I felt that there was no growth from Serenity to Usagi. The emphasis in the latter half of the show was for Usagi to gain the inner strength needed so that she wouldn't lose control of her feelings and let the world be destroyed. Well, she didn't achieve that. She lost control and thus left an opening for Serenity to take over and destroy the world again. The only difference between the Past and the Present was that, unlike the Past -- well it could be two different things -- 1) Serenity/Usagi actually lived after she destroyed the world and thus was able to bring it back, or 2) (I think this one is more likely) Endymion/Mamoru was brought back this time during the destruction and was able to talk Serenity/Usagi into restoring the world. I strongly feel that if Mamoru hadn't been there to talk to Usagi and tell her she could restore everything, she would have just laid down and died.

Capeboy R said:
hoshiko said:
*sigh* I wonder how I can finish up that darn music vid now?
I really hope you finish that. I still play your "As For One Day" vid on my iPaq. :);
Aww, you made my day! ^_^ Thanks! *has new resolve to finish video*
Dec 23, 2003
pgsmrocks said:
ultra seven said:
mmmmm.............. Toei webpage, is "updated" with new pics.
Awwwwwwwwww. I love that picture of Miiyu and Shibby as Serenity and Endymion. ^_^
I love your avatar pgsmrocks!! The only time I found Shibby to be hot was in Act 13 and now the final is WOW, he's HOT on his motorcycle!!
BTW, how did he get the motorcycle??!! :? I assumed Hina doesn't remember who he is and their engagement doesn't existed at all. Hmmm....So, many plot-holes in this ending!!

Yeah, I saw that picture on Toei's site. Miyuu and Shibby really have a lot of chemistry together and also are really good friends too. The ending is obviously mostly on them. They had the most screentime with each other in the last act than any other acts.
Wonder would that friendship turns into real love???!!! :D I doubt it cuz you could tell by their kiss in the end, like someone disapproved and fainted off their kiss......that's all I have say!! :D


Aurorae Lunares
Jun 13, 2004
I finally watched it. :D (what am I going to use as an incentive now? :P)

Wintersonata - that won't be your last post I guarantee it.

I can see both sides of the debate here. This final act did seem a bit rushed and it was a bit too easy of an answer to some of the questions. However, I just loved the ending! :D

I had a smile on my face that was as big as Miiyu's ever was. :biggrin:

A few comments:

Ok :wtf: was Nephrite when Ami when being thrown against the wall like that? (Ok I realize they couldn't put everything in 27 minutes, but why give Neph all that screen time then and develop his powers?)

Awwwww. Beryl finally got a relationship if only for a few seconds. Jadeite was somehow redeemed here.

The scene where PSM was floating with the wings as she prepared to destroy the world reminds me of the end battle scene of the S movie, where EternalSailorMoon (is it Eternal or Super? :P ) was floating in the middle of the circle of all the senshi.

What is the signficance of the sand and that structure? I wish we had seen more of this other princess throughout the series. Yeah they covered the kiss again. :roll:

Yeah! The watch is ticking again. Winter you were right! :D

Don't you see just a hint of tears in Mamoru's eyes when he saw the Shittenou? awww. ;_; Yes Jadeite did looked a little different at the end there.

Yes there were some unanswered questions as some of you have posted. There have been some throughout the series though, like how did Mamoru get to the hospital in 26 and what happened to the kid in 41?

hmm hoshiko I agree with you. Mamoru/Endymion had a bigger role in this version. Usagi didn't want to/choose not to control the crystal in the end and it was Mamoru who said that she could still save everyone.

I couldn't help call PSM "that *****" when she was walking through the corridors of the dark kingdom.

Ok so we didn't get a Mamochan and a Usako, but I could watch the last 15 minutes over and over and I probably will. ^_^

EDIT: Does this mean I can post all the spoilers now. hee hee P-:
Dec 23, 2003
pgsmrocks said:
1)Wintersonata - that won't be your last post I guarantee it.

2)Yeah! The watch is ticking again. Winter you were right! :D

3)Don't you see just a hint of tears in Mamoru's eyes when he saw the Shittenou?

4)Mamoru/Endymion had a bigger role in this version.

5)Ok so we didn't get a Mamochan and a Usako, but I could watch the last 15 minutes over and over and I probably will. ^_^
1)Yeah, probably it won't be my last post. I still have faith that the show will continue on for the next season!! ^_^

2)It seems like the watch symbolized a whole new beginning when it started ticking again. Oh, wait, it wasn't ticking as before. Wonder why? :?

3)I didn't see Mamoru got tears up. Probably he's a man, so he has to hold it in!! :D

4)Yeah, Mamoru played a much bigger and huge role in these last two acts. It was dang, you suddenly became the main character here like Usagi!!! BTW, does he gets pay more right now because of his more screentime? :D :?

5)I think if there is a second season, they're better be calling each other Usako and Mamo-chan from now on!! I still don't get if he did proposed her in the end with that ring or was it just for her to use the silver crystal with love?? :?
Sep 27, 2003
World Traveler :)
God I need to watch this episode. Really watch it. As with Acts 47 and 48. *sighs*

Anyway-after reading the transcript, I think I figured out why Minako's back. Serenity had that whole bit when she reflected about the others and how they did nothing but help her, and she thanked them. I think that's her way of thanking Minako: by bringing her back to life as well and letting her enjoy her time as an idol without the burden of the past life or her duties as Sailor V/enus, or any brain-munching diseases. Besides, if they picked up where time left off as it stood at the apocalypse, Minako would still be dead in the eyes of the world, and a sudden Oh, I'm back from her would be kinda heartattack-inducing to her fans. So Usagi just had her start over from the beginning when she was a rising star to avoid any rough spots with the Japanese National Enquirer. Get what I mean?

And hoshiko, I got your point. :wink: I think she would've laid down and died, too, if Mamo hadn't appeared to whip her back to her senses. Your point makes me think of the anime ending for Classic, actually--all her friends AND tuxie are gone, but Serenity still fights for the planet. In PGSM, she couldn't do that.

DANG, I need an episode NOW!!! *sighs* It's gonna be so HARD to watch it all from the beginning now...


Aurorae Lunares
Jun 13, 2004
A few more thoughts. Hey this *is* the last act. :P

Here are a couple of spoilers that might explain a few things.

This is from Shingetsu:

"From the shock of striking Mamoru, Usagi transforms into her past life figure, Princess Moon. Princess Moon’s purpose is to destroy Earth and end everything. Ami, Rei and Makoto try hard to persuade her not to, but it was already impossible to stop Princess Moon, who won’t listen to anyone. Princess Moon starts to rise, the light of the Illusionary Silver Crystal becoming brighter, and, like in the past like, Earth is swallowed in an intense light, becoming an uninhabited wasteland."

Ok so maybe the sand is supposed to be the uninhabited wasteland.

This is from Serecindra's Yahoo group:

"In the final act, senshi's will face brand-new villains, named Emissaries of the moon.
"Tsuki no Shisha(Emissaries of the Moon)"

an explanation for the white youma maybe?

I was wondering what was with the dripping water, at the beginning and at the end, but I think I've got it. If Usagi is 'reborn' than that explains the fetal position we find her in and the heartbeat we hear and the water. (what do you think?) and I'm sooo glad that her hair was down during this part. The pigtails just wouldn't work.

You know right before the four girls remember Usagi, how they are showed shopping, singing, etc.? Well why couldn't they have put Ami doing something (walking down the street maybe?) with Neph and Makoto with Motoki? That would have answered important questions. Ok I realize that Neph wouldn't be with the Shitennou, but (I almost need to say here) - so what???

I swear I see tears in Shibby's eyes when the Shitennou say go back. *sigh* I got my ending though. I just love it when Mamoru realizes he *can* go back with Usagi. :heart: like... finally we can be together. ^_^

How do the girls know where to run to? Its not like they have the Teletia S anymore :P (Ok so I'm starting to nitpick)

and doesn't the part with the credits remind you of the SuperS movie credits? You know with the boxes of each of the girls? (must find pics of that)
Apr 24, 2004
I enjoyed it!! The part where she destroyed the planet was awesome!! And when she was running to her friends waving her arms with the" do you like sweets" shirt was just KAWAIII! Anyways I am thinking; if there is going to be a 2nd season could the "RING" be her new transformation thingy. If I remeber correctly wasn't her weapon in S "created" by her and Mamoru's love? Maybe this ring will introduce a new transformation pendant or something. I also remember an item on ebay that looked like a transformation wand, maybe for the inner senshi for season 2? And with the ring, ChibiUsa is soon to be concieved (well not too soon) and her returning to the 21 century is only a matter of weeks/months (HERE HOPING!!!!) This show was left wide open for another season. Lets hope next week on Friday they will be anouncing or giving a press release for the new season with bigger budget, flashier attacks, shorten transformations for the senshi and one longer one for Sailor Moon (like it is intended to be) and a couple new characters; The Dark Moon Family. And lets hope this time they save their CGI for the final fight. Because say what you may, I know and everyone knows that just like me, I WAS WAITING FOR AN ANIME STYLE ENDING SINCE EPISODE 1. Because the thought of recreating that scene would have been [BLEEP] MY PANTS OH MY GOD WHAT THE [BLEEP] HOLY [BLEEP]!!! And you all know it!!