Fisheye had a more emotional connection to his victims among the Amazon Trio

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Luna Nova
Apr 6, 2010
New York
So watching the SuperS VIZ set, something that occured to me, the Fisheye episodes differ from the Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye episode a bit. And no not the obvious, the victim of the week is a guy, I mean the way Fisheye opperates. Most of the time, he seems to fall for those guys, not to mention he has a lot more success getting them to fall for him. While Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye see their victims has just a conquest or a game, and most of the women are not interesting in them.

There are times I actually fell a little sorry for Fisheye when things fall apart, like episode 145, that guy strung him / her along, Fisheye had every right to be upset, I would be too, that guy was a jerk. While Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye they are just creepers.

Anyway, anyone noticed that. It is seems the writers write for a guy presuing a girl differently, than someone presuing a guy.


Luna Crescens
Jun 6, 2006
I always thought Fisheye's turnaround was so random because he seemed the most inhumane out of the Trio. And also because they kept on building up Tiger's Eye to change his ways. Maybe that's just me.