Forbidden Planet NYC to host a Sailor-Bration!

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Wish they would haven taken a shelf out because it got very crowded. People were looking at me on my way into the city because I was wearing a jacket and shorts. It got REALLY hot in that small space. Nice to see a lot of fans make the turn out. I was speaking to a lot of people saying that when they were growing up they didn't know other fans of the show existed. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who still had my VHS tapes back when it was on WPIX 11 at 6:30 AM.

Kinda bummed with the trivia. I could tell a lot of people didn't read the Stars manga's or watch the musicals. Big thanks to Yoshinex for helping me get the answer to one of them. If anybody wants the keychain thing I got, let me know. I haven't watched any new anime in years so I have no idea who these characters are. Nobody would trade me for the poster. Boo-Urns.

(Also, JM I'm the guy Nick you were talking to about 3DO games)

Here's the pictures I shot of the cosplayers, didn't take that much because of how crowded it was and I don't think it would have made for a good video anyway. ... r-Bration/


J.M.Vargas said:
More pics from the Forbidden Planet Sailor-Bration:

Sailor Jupiter 1 (the 2nd came too late to compete) in the house!
Jumping Jupiters!

That's me! The short Jupiter! :)


Aurorae Lunares
Mar 31, 2010
J.M.Vargas said:
Just came back from the Sailor-Bration at NYC's Forbidden Planet. It was a rousing success, with the small second-floor manga area of the store (I didn't even know they had a room upstairs! :blush: ) jam-packed with Moonies of all ages (mostly young 20's to late thirtysomethings), races and genders (though it was about 55-60 female). Frankly I'm surprised we didn't break the floor from the combined weight and excitement of our collective walking around in circles waiting for trivia and contest giveaways to start. If I could only bring up one complaint about this Sailor-Bration is that the questions that the event hostesses came up with were super-duper hard for 90% of the people in attendance; when they started questions about the Sailor Moon musicals it was hopeless for 99% of us, allowing super-duper ace Sailor Warriors like our own Yoshimoon (pictured below) to walk away with the prizes. In-between the hard questions were easy and medium trivia questions to keep the crowd entertained and amused from around 10:45AM 'till 1PM (with a break in-between).

Then it was cosplay time and, considering a couple of late commers (Sailor Moon and a 2nd Jupiter) didn't make the cut overall it was pretty good-sized field of performers for a Saturday morning crowd in the Big Apple. Pictures below tell the tale better than I ever could. Please excuse the crummy picture quality, these came from my Nintendo 3DS (got seven Street Passes, including one from Yoshimoon :cool: )
Whoa, you're actually posting here? I didn't think you did anymore.
Oct 25, 2003
Brooklyn, New York
J.M.Vargas said:
'Hey everybody, I can get the [THE HAPPY PLACE] homepage on my Android phone!' :mischief:
I wish! My phone isn't even a smart phone. Everybody wanted a picture with my Power Moon Tiare. I tried to blast Lethe away but it didn't work.