Holy Crap!!!!!!(Warning Possible Spoilers)

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Lumen Cinererum
Feb 26, 2004
I think it might be Photoshoped because mamoru always wear some sort of ring (college class ring or something) on finger.
Whoever photoshopped this did a *very* good job! The skin tones, the angles of the faces and the lighting on the faces match and both sets of eyes are looking in the same and proper direction.

The reasons I think the picture is photoshopped is because when I looked at it zoomed, Mamoru's collar and neck on his right side lookes blurred compared to the left side which is sharp and clear. It looks like the artist used the "clone" and "blur" tools there to erase something from the original picture - maybe the original model's hair or even his chin if his face was at a different angle. Also, when zoomed in on Mamrou's head, there are intermittent single pixle lines of real/bright/solid white where his hair curves/zigzags.

I could be totally wrong, but for what it's worth, that's what I think. :)
fiendishlycute said:
That's what I said. It looks a little to big for his body. We need a Shibby fan in here for an opinion. Where's Neeko?
I declare this picture a photoshop. His neck is too thin for one thing. His hands don't have such thin fingers.

Also, Miyuu's hands are way too big and fingers too long. Those definitely don't look right.

Fake, fake, fake.
Sep 27, 2003
World Traveler :)
Holy frekking crap! That is a CUTE picture! (yes, it is sprite time)

I always thought Shibby's head looked a little big for his body cuz he had a skinny little twink body. That shot looks genuine enough for me, but who knows. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part.


Aurorae Lunares
Jun 13, 2004
I immediately thought OMG that means more PGSM! Then :wtf: Miiyu's Usagi is only in junior high school!

It had me fooled for a few seconds. Amazing what you can do with photoshop. :o

And that's not the ring from 49 anyways. But its a cute picture. :D


Luna Crescens
Jul 15, 2004
London, Ontario
Whoa that Transformer guy is cool!! ..That's why he posted this picture here, right? To show us the Transformer? Right? The guys are the top look like Lord Zed from Power Rangers.


Luna Nova
Oct 11, 2003
right behind YOU!
To those that think that picture is a fake, it isn't. Just check out HyperHobby Japan magazine, it's there. XD

I can't wait for the announcement. :D
Hyper Hobby Japan magazine is the source of the pic just thought that you might wish to know about that seeing as you think it was photoshoped and it wasn't not to my knowlege anyway...



Lumen Cinererum
Feb 20, 2004
OOO so pretty. Please announce that the special act dvd is their wedding, cuz that picture is too sute.
those are not miyuu's hands. unless she got hand-enlarging and finger-elongating surgery.


enlarging and elongating surgery is not usually done for that part of the body..... :o :o :o

oh and just for reference, just because it appears in print doesn't mean it's true ;) photoshopped pics get put in pubs all the time.....

/journalism major ;D