I love the Keiko's song :)

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It sounds like you loved Act 23... shouldn't it go to the "Act 23 Opinions" thread?

Everyone's been talking about "Sakura Fubuki," Keiko-chan's new song. I guess that can go on the thread marked "I Love the Keiko's song," located somewhere near here. Hopefully I answered your questions, though! ^_^

EDIT: Oops, this is the "I Love the Keiko's song" forum... ^^;


Lapis Lunaris
Feb 9, 2004
Yay! I found the thread for Keiko's song. :D

I really really liked "Sakura Fubuki". I was very surprised when I first heard the entire song. In Act 23, I hadn't heard the beginning of it, so, when the Latin feel burst out of my speakers, my only reaction was :ohmy: I just read Dr. Xadium's review for the song. It's strange because I never thought it sounded cute, perky or anything like that.
Not that I'm saying he's wrong or anything if that's how he views the song. I just never thought of it that way. For some reason, it sounded very dim, sad, and mysterious. Keiko’s voice did a lot to add to that feeling. For the verses, I pictured Rei/Keiko standing as she was in Act 23, staring off into the distance, with a longing, pained expression on her face. For the chorus, I pictured her, with the same facial expression, dancing in the wind as she pours out her depressed soul to the world. By dancing, I don't mean BoA or even moving for that matter. I thought of a mix of standing in one place with arms outstretched to the viewer or flailing her arms about (like Utada Hikaru in her "Colors" PV ). The upbeatness only intensified the mood of the song for me. It felt like the side of Hino Rei that she refuses to show others because she’d appear weak. It’s the hurt, broken side that is in desperate need of someone whom she can place her trust in.
Anyway, that's just my take on the song. The only part of the song that I would say didn't necessarily fit this description is the ending, and when she stops singing and starts that "da...da...da...daaa da da".
All in all, it was very good, and Keiko's has a nice voice. When listening to Japanese music, it's quite a treat to, every once in a while, come upon a singer who doesn't have the typical high pitched, Hamasaki Ayumi voice. Out of the three girls, I'd say I enjoyed listening to her sing the most.