If I you could make any changes or alteration to any character

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Sep 6, 2014
Can be anything from their personality to their history or even changing their abilities or design.

Also you can do any version (90s anime, Crystal, manga, PGSM)

Tuxedo Mask- Make him more of a gentleman thief who instead of throwing roses used smoke bombs and grappling hooks. So more like Batman in a Tuxedo

Minako Aino- Make her more mentor-like to the other girls (as she started in the manga) who is athletic and a natural born leader but has her airhead moments instead of ALL THE TIME after a certain point. Also love-me-chain is a lame ass upgrade attack so I would have made Crescent Beam Shower her official canon upgraded attack


Luna Crescens
Mar 25, 2008
Toronto, Canada
Very similar to the other thread in regards to the sailor uniform. I would have liked to see Moonlight Knight stick around longer, maybe for the duration of R, tho I guess it made sense for him to go after Mamoru got his memories back. He was handsome (tho that really isn't an alteration per say) Umm... Eternal senshi uniforms I don't care for too much but seeing Chibiusa in hers for the 90s anime would have been nice. Everyone's pet peeve of no outers in the SuperS season obviously is a vote for me, them missing was a huge setback. More Saturn episodes in Stars. Maybe a mini arc just for Crystal Tokyo would have been cool. Lastly....Asteroid Senshi in the anime!


Luna Nova
Jan 21, 2017
i'd like to make anime rei more like manga rei. still, she is very stoic in the manga. because of that, i'd like to her to be a little more hot headed when she gets angry. that's my ideal rei personality.

i'd like to see moonlight knight more, just to not see the ugly face of mamo/endy/tuxedo mask, etc. he was the best version of him all

more background/history for haruka, michiru and setsuna will be o.k.
Dec 12, 2018
Rei Hino\Sailor Mars, 1990s anime.

Good grief, it was like she was gunning for Queen Bee and the DiC dub made it worst near the end of the first season and in the first and third season of the Viz\Studiopolis dub she had told Usagi to "grow up!". If I was Usagi, I could have her thrown out for such behavior. Rei was a fiery hothead, far removed from her stoic, elitist, and somehow ladylike attitude from the original manga.

Usagi Tsukino\Sailor Moon, 1990s anime.

They dragged her clumsy, crybaby, childish traits for 4 seasons and in Sailor Stars, she had to manage on her own in the last 34 episodes of the 200 episodes.

I found how they handled her maturity into Princess of the Moon Kingdom, her maturity as Neo-Queen Serenity and her maturity as a Sailor Guardian to be uneven.

When a new season started, it was like the writers gave her amnesia and forced her to grow like in the previous season (with the exception of the R, because the 13 episode arc of the Makai Tree was added to give Naoko time to get caught up due to the popular demand and the amnesia was given at the end of the first season) However, the amnesia plot device concerning a sequel is a taboo to such stories.

Minako Aino\Sailor (V)enus, 1990s anime

For someone who had a year's worth of experience fighting the Dark Agency\Kingdom, you think she'd have the maturity to at least take over more often in the event Usagi\Sailor Moon was unable to fight like when Prince Dimande held Usagi captive.

The only mature thing she even seem to have displayed was letting go of her ex, Alan so Katarina can continue dating him. But that's another thing the writers carried over from Season 1 that was supposed to be left behind when Sailor Moon R began.

She still has feelings for Alan even though Katarina was the woman he love. In fact, her childish infatuations continue throughout the series as well as attempting to break into the pop idol scene after she retired from being Sailor V to become Sailor Venus.

The Outer Guardians, any continuities

They really need more backstory beyond the few years leading to Sailor Moon S\Infinity Arc for Saturn, Uranus and Neptune and how Sailor Pluto was designated the Guardian of the Space-Time Door and I want to know more about Haruka and Michiru before they met.
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Luna Crescens
Mar 25, 2008
Toronto, Canada
hird season of the Viz\Studiopolis dub she had told Usagi to "grow up!". If I was Usagi, I could have her thrown out for such behavior. Rei was a fiery hothead, far removed from her stoic, elitist, and somehow ladylike attitude from the original manga.
Maybe I'm just like Rei but I kinda of agree with the way she acts with Usagi to kind of ship her into shape. She only does it to help her friend better herself and doesn't sugar coat it.
Apr 9, 2019
90's anime:

I don't think I'd change too much about the Inner Senshi, or Haruka and Michiru. I tend to love them just the way they are, warts and all. I know a lot of people complain about the "fiery hothead" incarnation of Rei, but I actually love her like that. I love her in the manga and PGSM as well, but there's just something about her passionate personality and touching friendship with Usagi. I don't even mind her temper, I think it's funny and I relate a little bit as sometimes I can be hotheaded too. The only time I think she goes overboard is in the DiC dub, the DiC dub made her a little *too* much of a B.

I like goofball Minako too, she has some of the funniest filler episodes in the entire series. I guess I do wish we'd seen at least a little more of a glimpse of her serious side, you don't really see it at all after episode 42. I always interpreted 90's Minako as someone who puts on a ditzy goofball front to hide her more tragic side.

Oh wait, I said I wouldn't change much about 90's Haruka and Michiru -- I lied. I would have had more of them in SuperS, I really missed them in that season. Just having them in the movie and special isn't enough, but then again, I'm a big Haruka and Michiru fan, so...

Setsuna is one of the main ones I'd like to change in the 90's anime. I'd like to see her get more personality and backstory ala her manga incarnation. She's one of my favorites in the manga, but one of my least favorite in the anime due to how flat and underdeveloped her character is.

Hotaru I'd like to see get more development in Stars. You don't even see her in between the Nehelenia arc and the final battle! I realize the main focus in Stars was on Usagi and the Starlights, but I still felt they could have done *something* with Hotaru, just an episode or two to see how she's doing and what she's up to. Especially since she was such a great character in S.

Chibiusa I'd like to have seen a little less of. We already had a whole arc based around her in R, did the entire SuperS season need to revolve around her, too? Also, if memory serves me correctly, she wasn't *quite* as bratty or unlikable in the manga. I enjoyed getting a break from her in Stars.

As far as Mamoru goes, I could've done without the whole breakup arc in R, I really stopped liking him after that and I actually like him in Classic and the Makaiju arc. Also, he could've been a little less useless in the S and SuperS seasons... I realize Ikuhara and co. don't particularly like his character, but he's just one of the few that I feel gets kind of ruined in between the beginning and the end of the series.


I could've done without Haruka kissing Usagi, and I wish Michiru had also gotten a little more development. I also missed Michiru painting like in the anime, I realize that's a relatively minor aspect of her character, but it's one that I enjoyed and related to.

Also, IIRC the Starlights were so boring and underdeveloped in the manga... I like how the anime took a little bit more time to develop their characters, especially Seiya.


Have all the girls be less one-dimensional and underdeveloped, and maybe actually introduce something original to their characters as opposed to being a retread of everything we've seen before. Also, I had the same issue with Haruka cheating.


I'm still only about halfway thru, but no complaints so far, I actually really like a lot of the unique perspective on the girls and some of the rich development and backstory they have. If I had one issue, it'd be that I'd like to see a little more focus on Makoto, she seems to be shafted in comparison to the other girls -- but then again, I'm still not done yet, so I don't know if there's more to come. I particularly enjoyed the Dark Mercury arc and this particular interpretation of Minako Aino/Sailor Venus.
Tuxedo Mask- Make him more of a gentleman thief who instead of throwing roses used smoke bombs and grappling hooks. So more like Batman in a Tuxedo.
Make Moonlight Knight into his Stand and you got Joker from Persona 5.
Jun 30, 2010
These largely apply to the old anime.
  • Tuxedo Mask - Make him only at most two years older than our hero (not 16-17, but 15-16). Flip the civilian/hero persona so that in the daytime, he and our lead are cordial with him being romantic but when in superhero mode, Tuxedo Mask is more antagonistic and critical.
  • Sailor Moon - Make her more responsible as the series goes on, but less "pure-hearted" and keeping many of her lazy, goofy, and reckless habits on the forefront.
  • Sailor Mercury - Give her some offensive capabilities earlier so that by the end of the first arc she can do something beyond fog creation, but keep her main role as defense. However, I would also make Sailor Mercury the healer of the group.
  • Sailor Mars - Get rid of her bickering and temper overall and have more emphasis on her Shinto powers. Also, trade those heels for flats.
  • Sailor Jupiter - Wouldn't change a thing from the old anime.
  • Sailor Venus - Keep her the serious leader with a silly side.
  • Inners -- Make their filler arc upgrades their actual powered-up R attacks, with the same, if not greater effectiveness
  • Sailor Pluto - Remove her connection to the Space-Time Door but just have her future self in Crystal Tokyo. By binding her to a post outside of time and space, it makes the character hard to interact with other characters without raising all sorts of questions
  • Sailor Uranus - Change her backstory to tie her to Venus rather than Neptune, romantically (not necessarily requited) and make her the compassionate one.
  • Sailor Neptune - Make her the cold one and her mirror, instead of being a sensor, it being capable of absorbing and reflecting attacks.
  • Sailor Saturn - Instead of de-aging her after awakening, let Hotaru live life as a normal-ish girl (she'll keep the healing powers), and let Sailor Saturn be reborn...as someone else.


Luna Crescens
Sep 10, 2012
The Void
Have Naru become an Action-Civilian in later episodes. After being attacked so much, it certainly would be understandable that she'd take self-defense. Maybe even be the occasional assist for the Senshi. Either as a distraction, or looks out for things that might seem weird that is really an enemy.

On that note, in Codename: Sailor V, there was one civilian, Gurikazu Amano, who did actively help Sailor V in one chapter, so it is not completely unbelievable for a civilian to be the hero in the SM universe.

I found how they handled her maturity into Princess of the Moon Kingdom, her maturity as Neo-Queen Serenity and her maturity as a Sailor Guardian to be uneven.
This I agree with. I felt like Princess Serenity and Sailor Moon were practically two separate characters. There needed to be more of a blending between the two, as to the fact they are all still Usagi, just different appearances.
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Dec 12, 2018
Makoto Kino\Sailor Jupiter, 1990s anime

For one, quit harping on the heartbreaker who got away. Although we see in the interlude in episode 49 who the boy was in appearance and apparently callously said she wasn't the type, only to be comforted by her childhood friend, who was the proof that makes the "When Harry met Sally" trope of "Men and women can't stay just friends" debunked, you think Mako would move on. Unfortunately, the constant holding of said candles for impossible love and making a failed relationship work is the prime example of things that need to be made done and over with.

Mamoru Chiba\Tuxedo Mask, 1990s anime

Probably with the consensus, but make otherwise a rounded character. For a major character, he doesn't possess a personality beyond a double agent or even the face of bipolar disorders where one minute, things are fine and could be an ultra tantrum the next. He really does not emote at all. and in fact, he comes out stiff and wooden for the majority of the screen time he got. For all we know, he's an over inflated filler characters.
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Luna Nova
Jan 10, 2018
In what context? Ami is pretty smart.
When the show needs them to be dumb.
For example that one episode where all the senshi, including Ami, start dancing with guys, despite the fact that they knew they were monsters.
Or when they decide to play Casino games with a monster, when stakes were high, and Makoto and Rei decided to play roulette and jenga respectively.
Makoto, first of all, wth are you doing, why are you playing a game purely based on luck to defeat a monster and Rei, we saw that she can cheat on those kind of games using her psychic powers and she chooses freaking jenga.
You might call these nitpicks, but they hurt the characters a lot in my eyes, especially since I know they are better.