If SM’s lore was like TF2 Lore.

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Sep 1, 2011
Scala Ad Caelum
So I may have promised I’d try to write a small project of if Sailor Moon had lore like TF2... well, here goes I may do more, I don’t know, whenever.

It all begins in the 19th century, the year is 1876.

Australian resident Serenity, had a dream of living on the moon. Eventually, she would take the first step in making her dream come true when she won the Silver Crystal in a bet with her college roommate, an immortal medieval wizard who owned the entirety of Florida after he won it by beating the previous King of Florida in a hot dog eating contest.

The next step, she managed to bargain with the emperor of Scotland into giving her ownership of the moon, as he was the first person to legally claim ownership of it (while he was drunk, naturally) Now being the legal owner of the moon, she began work on making her kingdom.

Eventually, she would have a daughter, and find a group of 4 misfits to be the “Sailor Senshi”. Originally named because they were formed to explore the seas, Queen Serenity remembered a bit too late that the moon had no oceans to sail, and thus, they were stuck with the name Sailor Senshi, despite none of them being actual sailors, or knowing anything about a boat.
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