In a way is Sailor Moon a cult classic like Star Wars or Star Trek?

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Oct 31, 2016
The Sailor Moon franchise has alot of fans of all ages and I hope they make constant new Sailor Moon anime in the future for a long time just like they do with Pokemon!
Apr 1, 2017
I like all three of those things (to some extent) but I like Sailor Moon more strongly. Does that count?

I'd say it does has a significant following, but it is much smaller overall. It's like, it's still popular decades later (even through a more-than-ten-years dry spell between PGSM and Crystal, although I think they were still making musicals in that time... heck, is Sailor Moon legendarily famous within the world of stage show musicals? I don't know), so I'm pretty sure it's more famous than some things, and the majority of random people have at least heard of it (though, frustratingly, in my experience the average american's knowledge seems to henge* on having seen assorted DiC dub episodes 20 years ago and they don't care and have a bunch of vague and flanderized ideas of what it even involved).

But, you can't go to comlpetely random places right before a release and have people be like "OH MY GOSH HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS I HEARD KATHLEEN KENNEDY REHIRED KINOHIKU IKUHARA AND THEY ANNOUNCED SHINO KAKINUMA IS REPRISING HER ROLE OMG!!!!" or whatever. But random peope here at SMFxSS probably know Billy Dee Williams is in Episode IX, so.

Basically, it's a medium or small size cult while SW and ST are huge sized and I'd hesitate to call them cults, more like what's left of mainstream culture (I think the MCU movies are up there too although I haven't paid much attention to those. Then again, I haven't watched any of the new Star Trek show or The Other new Star Trek showrville so far, either. But I was never as big a Star Trek fan as a Stargate fan, anyways).

* Typo preserved for posterity, this post has been corrupted by Wiseman.
Mar 3, 2017
I don't know I can't really say because I think that because it doesn't appeal to old white guys it probably can't become as big as those franchises I think those franchises have been around much longer as well so who knows if Sailor Moon could ever reach those levels. If it was based on something American and a studio had something to gain from rebooting and spinning it off I think it could reach the heights of Star Wars and Star Trek but I don't see that happening any time soon.