Is Moon Kingdoms bloodline required for using Silver Crystal?

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Luna Crescens
Apr 1, 2020
Usually it's the case, but Beryl wanted it, and Demande almost used two of them to destroy everything.

Mistress 9 could also channel its power.
Jul 5, 2009
I think moon bloodline members know how to use it to it's full extent but I think others technically can use it as evidenced by some villains who've had the crystal at one point or another in their possession most notably in the manga and crystal
The thing I like about the :usagi: universe is magic is flexible and not too restrictive as other D&D fictional works like Lord Of The Rings, Shannara or Game Of Thrones.
Nov 22, 2016
It's supposed to be in the hands of the Moon Royalty, but It can be used by other magical beings. It's supposed to be protected by Usagi in the 20th century in all continuities, as far as I can tell.
I always assumed it could be used but only by those of the bloodline, like Usagi, could use it at it's maximum potential. Beryl could use it for a power boost but she could never use it at it's peak maximum power like Usagi could.

I believe the other Senshi could not use the Silver Crystal but being tied to Sailor Moon they could feel and perhaps gain a temporary boost from the power of the Crystal.


Luna Crescens
Nov 13, 2018
The Silver Crystal seems to be able to be abused as a energy source (by anyone who knows how to extract its energy) or used as a heart power amplification device.
It seems that while others may be able to utilise the energy source from the Silver Crystal only Usagi can use it as a heart amplification device.
I think to use a Silver Crystal for heart amplification you need to be the person the crystal came from. It is very likely that to create your own Silver Crystal you need to be from the Moon Kingdom's royal bloodline.

Here's the crazy thing, if you die I believe your Silver Crystal would not survive. I think the villains are wrong in thinking that if Usagi is gone that they can still utilise the Crystal. But death is complicated when you consider Star Seeds.

An interesting thing here is, can non-villains use someone else's Silver Crystal to do good things? Pretty certain that if you take away a guardian's Silver Crystal it isn't good for their health, so you'd want to be borrowing it for a short time. Still I think all they could do is use it as an energy source and there are no good characters who seem to know how to do that except Hotaru. Other guardians and even regular people can channel their energy through Usagi who then channels it through the crystal but that's different.