Is Sailor Mercury an obsolete character?

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Mar 27, 2020
I think Ami is fine. In the later parts of the series, yea, they maybe didn't use her tech as much but I feel like she was doing just as well as any of the other scouts in situations that called for action. Neptune, while having water attacks, I feel like Ami could also use hers in different form, such as ice, vapor, etc. Well that and Neptune doesn't have gadgets that can see through the void of space and time, like wow man, Ami be havin next level tech over here.
True, Mercury seems like the stronger water wielder, being able to control all forms of it. I just wish Takeuchi gave Neptune unrelated powers perhaps.


Luna Crescens
Nov 13, 2018
Neptune since she barely got anything to do in there sans maybe the Dream arc, and she was just Uranus/Haruka's accessory
:haruka: "Did you hear that Michiru? They think you are my accessory!"
:mihiru: "Funny how they always get it so backwards. If only they knew the truth"
:haruka: "I wish they were right"
:mihiru: "When you finish cleaning the apartment then you can have dessert"