Is Toei regretting Crystal's initial concept?

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Solaris Luna
Feb 8, 2021
Oh yes, it can't be worst than Sailor Stars when it's about the Starlights ^^
Since Takeuchi didn't want to give them these ugly ponytails at first but was forced by Bandai to make dolls, wouldn't it be nice if they suppressed these ponytails in the future Stars arc ? I wouldn't mind honestly.
And I didn't really like the Starlights VA, Taiki's was the worst, I hope we can get very different voice for them.
Takeuchi learned to love the Stars anime and manga as it is in the end, which @Lady Pen pointed that out earlier so returning to the pre-production plans like with Galaxia and Chaos is one and short-haired Starlights is impossible, although the anime staff and Bandai were the culprits of those changes.

They should finally pull themselves together and produce something that gives the bittersweet ride a sweet ending.
Or they want to wow us with their audacity to make their fans fools.
I think it is more likely for them not to change
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