Keeping up w/ the PGSM cast

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Dec 2, 2006
15 re right, Rika!!
Mako chan appeared as a nurse in PGSM!!
I loved Mako chan s debut in Act 6!! Soo sad...
(and yes, I remember that she appeared before that, with a Thunder at the end of Act 5!! soo cool!!)


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May 7, 2009
But who is the other girl?? Is the one who plays Ami chan??
Yup - she looks older these days. lol Most recently she's paired w/ Sawajiri Erika, a top actress, in a CM, but Sawajiri was arrested lately for the possession of drugs, leading to the withdrawal of that CM - if not for that she could have big exposure on TV. *sigh* She's still active on variety shows, tho, especially after the publication of her nose-bleeding gravure photobooks earlier. XD