Mainstream song that makes you feel about Sailor Moon

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Solaris Luna
Jul 6, 2018
People have one unique quality - they make strange connections to seemingly unrelated stuff. Sailor Moon is a big part of my life and sometimes I relate different experiences to it like... songs. I remember the first time I saw the Crystal Season 1 - 2 opening, during the umbrellas scene I related it to a song. Today I heard the song on the radio and I decided to make this thread. The song is Friends by Aura Done. Here is a link :
Share songs that somewhat makes you think Sailor Moon.
Nov 22, 2016
Somos las Sailor, las Sailor Scouts
Y llegamos todas a salvar el mundo
Fuego de Marte, Enciendete
Burbujas de Mercurio, Estallen
Rayo Creciente de Venus, Fulmina
Curación Lunar, Acción
Ayy, me transformaste:whee:

Sep 6, 2014
Last Christmas- Mostly because Rei’s Japanese voice actress did a cover in English
Kind of wish they had fit it in the S movie.

Teenage Dream- That youthful optimism of young love feels like it would fit Usagi’s feelings on Mamoru well.

That’s what girls do- I remember that song playing a lot as a tie in to the Powerpuff Girls movie back in 1998 and I think it fits the fab five

Part of Your World- Ariel fell in love with a Prince from above the surface and wanted to be part of his world. Serenity fell in love with a Prince from earth and wanted to be part of his world

Bye Bye Bye (NSYNC): The Starlights were a late 90s boy band might as well sing the quintessential late 90s boy band song

Total Eclipse of the Heart- It’s an overdramatic cheesy love song. Fits Usagi and the series so well

I’m the only one (Melissa Etheridge)- I can see Haruka singing this drunk at a karaoke bar if she sees a man or woman hitting on Michiru

Kiss by a Rose- Because you see Tuxedo Mask...throws roses.

Reflection (Mulan or Christina Aguilera cover): A good song for Mako torn between society’s expectations of her to be more feminine and who she really is

I want to hold your hand- The DiC dub released an ear bleeding cover of the Beatles song but I think a chaste naive pure love song fits the series. The Beatles version of course
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Luna Crescens
Jun 9, 2009
Seconding “Total Eclipse to the Heart”. Dramatic but very fitting.. the title too!

I think “Alien” by Britney Spears has always reminded me of Sailor Moon. Both the theme and the lyrics.

Come to think of it, Britney’s supposedly a pretty big fan of the show. Wonder if she got any inspiration from it for the track. I can just picture her waving her Proplicas around in the studio

Would be cool to see an English song cover/ new tie in song by a big artist for the international release of Eternal. Even Britney Spears aside, there’s a lot of popular singers/ bands who love Sailor Moon. I doubt Toei would even bother though...
There's a very old song I heard once in my mom's room as a kid a song by RnB Soul singer Regina Belle, Baby Come To Me. It's an old song but I remember the very first few lyrics always make me think of Sailor Moon because the first words of the song are Silver

And then I'd be like Crystal Power Kiss!!! Lol


Luna Crescens
Mar 3, 2017
Matchbox 20- How Far We've Come
Reminds me of the aftermath of season 1 and begining of season 2

Katy Perry- Thinking of You
This reminds me of Stars when Mamoru is missing and Usagi is being courted by Seiya

Toni Braxton- Unbreak My Heart
Reminds me of the R breakup

Lol cheesy i know but i feel all of these are amv worthy lol