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Sep 13, 2009
Tampa, FL
elly said:
Update: September 19th, 2010: New section added -- Manga Snark. Follow along with staff member Paul as he compares our translations to Tokyopop's with volumes of sarcastic and hilarious commentary.
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Sep 13, 2009
Tampa, FL
I have a question regarding any future scanlation of the manga. There are certain names and terms in the Japanese version that can be translated in multiple ways. How will Miss Dream go about translating the following names and terms:

  • Sailor Senshi - will the "Senshi" term be kept or be changed to "Soldier"?
  • "Odango atama"
  • "Usako" and "Usa"
  • Special cases of honorifics that shorten the person's real name, like "Mako-chan", "Mamo-chan", "Momo-chan", etc.
  • Youma - will this be kept or be changed to "monster"?
  • Tuxedo Kamen - will "Kamen" be kept or changed to "Mask"?
  • "Akuryo Taisan!"
  • Shittenou
  • Ginzuishou - will this be kept or changed to "Silver Crystal"?
  • Maboroshi no Ginzuishou
  • Kurozuishou - will this be kept or changed to "Black Crystal"?
  • "Chou Jigen Kuukan Genshutsu!"
  • Queen Metaria
  • "Abracadabra Pon!"
  • Ayakashi sisters - will "Ayakashi" be kept or changed?
  • Prince Demand - will "Demand" be used or some other romanization?
  • Jakokusuishou
  • Kaolinite - will this be kept or changed to accomodate her "Kaori" alias?
  • Mugen Gakuen - please at least keep "Mugen" untranslated
  • Elysion/Elysian - "Elysion" or "Elysian"?
  • Sailor Aluminum Seiren - please don't tranlate her name as "Siren"

There may be more that I'm missing. I'll ask if I can think of others.
Feb 10, 2005
New York
Hey there Sabrblade!

I haven't formally announced that we'll be re-translating all of the manga yet, but I guess the cat is out of the bag so I'll answer your question:

- Sailor senshi -> Sailor Soldier(s)
- Odango Atama - Meatball Head
- Usako / Usa / Usagi-chan -> Usagi
- Honorifics do not exist in English and therefore will be dropped, except in cases like -san where Mr. or Ms. is clearly implied
- Youma will remain as "Youma" in translations for the Dark Kingdom arc, as it is the given name for the MotD. However, in all instances outside of that, it will be translated as "monster"
- Tuxedo Kamen -> Tuxedo Mask
- Akuryo Taisan -> Evil Spirits Disperse
- Shitennou -> Four Generals
- Ginzuishou -> Silver Crystal
- Maboroshii no Ginzuishou -> Silver Crystal. Maboroshii is almost impossible to accurately translate in English. "Phantom" also has the connotation of ghost in English, and therefore we're dropping it since it doesn't have that connotation in Japanese.
- Kurozuishou -> Dark Crystal
- Chou Jigen Kuukan Genshutsu -> Hyperspace Area Formation
- Queen Metaria -> Queen Metallia
- Abracadabra Pon -> Abracadabra! (Pon doesn't have a good English equivalent)
- Ayakashii Sisters -> The Strange Sisters
- Prince Demand
- Jakokusuishou -> Evil Black Crystal
- Kaolinite
- Mugen Gakuen -> Infinity Academy
- Elysion
- Sailor Aluminum Seiren

Actually, I've been working on putting together a list of how I'm going to consistently translate some of the terms from Sailormoon, I'd really appreciate your input on this since you've thought of some others I hadn't. List of Miss Dream Translation Consistencies