Naoko's inspirations (magazines, films, fashion ads)

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Jun 17, 2017
Seems the rabbit-shaped pearl earrings Usagi wears in this picture are based on a pair Naoko received from a friend. Can anyone track down the actual/original earrings?
maybe like the pendant that Chibiusa want in the special chapter of the manga are from Van Cleef?

Can anyone ID the lamp?

We know Hotaru is wearing a dress by Thierry Mugler, but it turns out the picture is set in the Maxim de Paris, a French restaurant in Shanghai Naoko says she visited with her parents. Has anyone some pictures of the restaurant?
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Jul 29, 2012
This is pretty cool. I think I need to watch all the episodes of this. I love the whole 90s vibe.

I screamed when the little girl told the woman she was over 30 and to stop covering her food with fish flakes.. lmao
The show feels like Sailor V to me—Naoko said it influenced her.